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You might like to try this at home!

10/11/2013 at 6:54 AM

This week we will be using all the wonderful words and phrases we thought of to create our own firework poems. Later in the week will use these websites to create shape poems and acrostics. If you click on the images it will link you to the websites.

Wordle – type in the words you want to use. If you want the word to be big, then type it more times or copy and paste it in. If you want several words to stay together the put ~ between the words. You can select different fonts and colour ways.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 06.44.27


Tagxedo – is similar to Wordle, but you can choose a shape for you words.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 06.45.19


We are going to be learning about Acrostic poems. This is the website we will use to help us present our ideas.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 06.45.48


I’m sure you will enjoy using these websites. You can use Wordle and Tagxedoto create lots of amazing word pictures.(These sites need Flash and Tagxedo needs Silverlight, so if they don’t work have a word with Mum and Dad.)


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‘I cooperate with others in work and play.’

10/11/2013 at 3:14 AM

The ethos statement this week is ‘I cooperate with others in work and play.’cooperation_1

In the assembly we will think about Remembrance Day and we will watch this video together and then have a few minutes of quiet reflection to thing about the soldiers who have been killed in wars and also the soldiers who are still fighting wars now.

We will then think about how we can work together to help raise money for Children in Need on Friday. Children will be reminded about the Great Farsley Bake Off and Pudsey’s Tea Party and our challenge of joining the North and South playgrounds with a path of coins! Back in class we will enjoy this video featuring Pudsey and lots of characters we all know and love!

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2nd in the Hall of Fame on Mathletics!

09/11/2013 at 2:37 PM

Well done to everyone this week for working so hard on Mathletics! So many of you attend the Monday Mega Mathletics Club and now nearly the whole class came to our Wednesday Lunchtime Mathletics Club. So many of you have certificates this week and have been aiming to beat your personal best score that together we have reached Number 2 in the UK Classes Hall of Fame!

Be the best you can be!

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 20.27.59

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Firework paintings.

09/11/2013 at 2:20 PM

The children who come to the Art and Craft club learned how to use metallic paints to create a fabulous firework painting. Later in the week they got to be coaches and were able to help their friends in class , showing them how to paint the firework picture.

Everyone worked so quietly and concentrated so hard. Enjoy our pictures and see how hard we worked.

This is a simpler version so you can view each picture without the firework effects!

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Be safe on Bonfire Night.

04/11/2013 at 7:40 PM

We read a story together and talked about keeping safe on Bonfire Night.


Using Revelation Art we made posters to remind us about keeping safe. We learned how to use the fill tool, shape tools and how to change brushes and colours. We were very proud of our posters, but most importantly they helped us to remember the important message about keeping safe.
Be safe on Bonfire Night. By 2F on PhotoPeach

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SEAL assembly.

02/11/2013 at 11:03 AM

Every Monday we have an assembly at KS1 which introduces Ethos Statement for the week. This half term, I will try and share the main elements of the assembly on our blog too.

The SEAL theme for this half term is – Getting on and falling out.

This weeks Ethos Statement is


We will be thinking about what ‘RESPECT means and how we can show respect.
We will watch these 2 videos as part of the assembly.


Learning to be ‘respectful’ helps us to achieve several parts of the Farsley Farfield Learning Hive. Which elements do you think being respectful is part of?

Learning_Hive square


As part of our weekly SEAL assemblies the children also always join together and sing some songs with positive messages in their lyrics and they also take a moment to reflect on the messages being shared in the assembly.

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Welcome back!

02/11/2013 at 9:36 AM

I hope everyone has had a wonderful half term holiday. Happy Divali to everyone who is celebrating this festival today.

Well done to the children who have managed to find some time to blog about the books they have been reading. I have enjoyed reading all your book reviews and have managed to put most of the books on our virtual book shelf. I have been impressed to see that quite a few of you have achieved your Mathletics certificates and I have uploaded new books on Bug Club as some of you had read all the books I gave you before the holidays. đŸ™‚ Be a great learner đŸ™‚ Be the best you can be đŸ™‚

Next week, when we continue on our learning adventure together, we will be finding out about Guy Fawkes and then we will write some amazing poems about fireworks.

Websites with information about Guy Fawkes –

History of the Gunpowder plot.

Bonfire night.

BBC History of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night.

If you go to a Firework display, remember to keep safe and follow the firework code.

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Someone Special.

02/11/2013 at 8:03 AM

We enjoyed reading ‘My Mum,’ ‘My Dad,’ and ‘My Brother,’ all written and illustrated by Anthony Browne. Inspired by these books we drew pictures of someone in our family who is very special to us. We then did some wonderful writing, using adjectives to describe our special family members. Inspired by the books we had read we also used similes and metaphors in our writing. We presented our writing using the program 2Publish, but unfortunately a computer glitch meant that the work didn’t save properly. The problem has been fixed and next week we will do a new and improved version of the work and will then add it to the blog.

In the meantime, here are some of the beautiful pictures which we drew of our special relatives. The children really took care and thought about these illustrations. Many of the pictures also include clues as to the personality and likes of the person they chose to write about.
Someone Special. on PhotoPeach

Click on the picture in the spiral and it will open up.

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Our wonderful families.

02/11/2013 at 7:41 AM

We thought about our families. Everyone’s family is different, some of us have lots of brothers and sisters, some of us don’t. Some of us have lots of uncles, aunts and cousins and some of have none. We all realised that our families are all unique and most importantly, they are all special to us. We learned how to put our family members together on a family tree. It was quite complicated working out where to place our aunts and uncles and cousins, so we planned the tree first. Once we had organised where we wanted to place the people we used the skills we had learned when we drew autumn pictures to draw the tree and colour it. We were all very proud of our work.

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