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Last few days in 2F & a ‘Happy Holiday!’

Wednesday 22nd July | 2 comments



This is a wonderful picture of all thechildren in 2F, drawn by Yusuf. It has the  brilliant message- ‘ We are all different, but we all share a smile.’ We have shared so many smiles this year. It has been such a wonderful year and the children have all worked so hard and made such excellent progress. I am so proud of them all.

Thank you for all the kind messages and gifts which the children have given me over the last  week. Thank you too for all the support you have given your children and the school over the year… It really does make a huge difference.  🙂

All the Learning Support Staff have asked that I send a special, big ‘Thank you’ from them too for all the kind gifts and cards that they recieved.

The children are bringing home a transition leaflet and also a ‘Summer Challenge’ booklet. When  your child completes a task they cut out the hexagon badge and stick it in the booklet. After the summer, bring in your booklets to share with your new teachers. The booklet has been put together as a fun project for the children, please do not worry if your family are  busy or your child does not wish to do the challenge. It is completely optional.

Sorry for the brief nature of this post- written on my phone from the ferry terminal at Portsmouth! Pictures & details will be added later…. in the meantime have a wonderful holiday & thank you again.  Mrs Fisher

– Back home and time to add the pictures from the last few days.

Everyone bought in fantastic games they had made as their last Learning Log task. We played the games together and shared our ideas.

On the final afternoon, we shared the story ‘Going Places,’ by Peter and Paul Reynolds. Below is a video based on the book.

I gave all the children identical LEGO kits, but with no instructions. Some of the children chose to work alone, others worked with friends. Everyone persevered, they created and tweaked, and kept going until they had made a model that they felt really proud of. It was a brilliant end to a wonderful year.

We had lots to celebrate during our final Special Mention. Our Mathletics celebrations included an award for Mathlete of the Year, Mathlete of the week and another 2nd Gold award! Our final Special Mentions were awarded to 4 children who has been the best they could be, putting in effort and determination into all their learning. A huge WELL DONE, is deserved by all the children, it’s been a wonderful year and I know they will all continue to shine in yr 3.

2F 2014 -15 🙂

Image 4


2 responses to “Last few days in 2F & a ‘Happy Holiday!’”

  1. Amanda - Ben's mum says:

    What a fabulous picture by Yusuf and a wonderful message to go with it. Ben has really enjoyed year 2 and his achievements have exceeded all expectations thanks to wonderful staff and classmates. Looking forward to year 3!

  2. What a lovely picture! Well done Yusuf. Ruby has had a brilliant year in 2F and is looking forward to doing some of the summer activities. ..thank you x

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