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Week commencing March 24th in 2F.

Sunday 30th March | 3 comments

Another brilliant week in 2F, and I am so sorry to have missed the last two days but am now looking forward to hearing all about the trip and enjoying the last week of term with everyone. 

In Literacy we finished learning about the earthworm and each group produced a version of the quiz show ‘Mastermind,’ in which they asked and answered intriguing questions about earthworms. We were thrilled to get a comment on our blog from Emma Sherlock who works at the Natural History Museum in London as their curator of earthworms! We then started to learn all about how bread is produced and I know the children will have found out even more information about this on their trip to the Cooperative Farm near Goole.


In Maths we continued our work on problem solving and learned how to play the game ‘Strike it out.’ The children’s Learning Log task is based on this game. (Further details can be found on the blog.)


The children also enjoyed looking closely and carefully at daffodils, which they drew and coloured to create Mothers Day Cards. The messages inside the cards were carefully chosen and written in their best handwriting.


It was wonderful to see virtually everyone’s parents over the two parents evening and I apologise for my poorly voice, but I hope I managed to convey the pride and pleasure I get from teaching the children in 2F. I was very sorry to be unable to attend school for the following two days but I know that the children have all continued to be ‘stars’ and that they had a wonderful time on their trip.

Mrs Loveridge, Mrs Charlesworth and Mrs Cooke have all commented on how well behaved and hard working the class has been. Thank you also to all the Mums who accompanied the
children on the trip, your help was very much appreciated.


Next week is our final week before we break up for Easter and we will be focusing on
‘Chocolate!’ See the information on posts below this one.

Best wishes from Mrs Fisher, Mrs Suddards and Mrs Hodgson.

3 responses to “Week commencing March 24th in 2F.”

  1. Karen & Eva says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures from your trip 2F. I’m sure you have learnt lots and enjoyed making the pizzas too!

    We’re really sorry that we couldn’t make it on Friday.

  2. Ruqayyyah says:

    2F we had an AWEOME time on the trip i loved it i hope you did, from Ruqayyyah!!!!!

  3. Emma Pickering says:

    2F you looked like you all had a great trip and learnt lots of interesting things about where food comes from and how produce gets made into food we like to eat.

    Colm and I were very sorry to miss the trip!!

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