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An adventure on the moon!

Friday 8th February | 3 comments

This week’s learning started with an exciting journey to the moon! We built a rocket, packed our things and blasted off. Then when we were on the moon, we explored in lots of different ways. We took photographs, collected rock samples, zoomed around on our moon buggies and tinkered with our rockets. We met a very sad alien whose spaceship had crash landed and was now stranded. We did our best to help him get back to his planet by fixing his spaceship. Finally we got back in our rockets and blasted off back to Earth!

We were so impressed with the children and their fantastic imaginations!

2LA’s moon adventure:

2LO’s Moon adventure:


The children used the drama as a stimulus for writing their own moon adventure stories. They are brilliant!

In maths this week, we have been learning about 2D shapes. Children have learned the names of common 2D shapes and have described them using sides and vertices.

In history this week, we learned about the life and dreams of Martin Luther King. Children wrote their own speeches to say what they would change about the world. They showed that they were excellent citizens thinking about tackling pollution, homelessness and war.

We finished our Andy Warhol inspired portraits:

Today we welcome Jodi from Skipping School back to Farfield. She taught us some basic skipping skills including the double bounce and face to face skipping. At the end we all played run, jump, out with the long rope. We will continue to work on these skills in our PE lessons, then will see Jodi for another session after Easter. The top tips we learned were: arms wide at the side and click jump!

3 responses to “An adventure on the moon!”

  1. Mairi Beaton says:

    The skipping workshop looked excellent fun (and brought back a few memories?!), the portraits were fab too. Busy week guys

  2. Joanne Adey says:

    Jackson has been telling us all about Martin Luther King, he’s really enjoying learning about life in the 1960’s 🙂

  3. Zoe Briggs says:

    Another fun filled week for year 2! Joe has been showing us his skipping skills! And he really enjoyed pretending to be a space rocket engine.

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