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Minibeasts and Multiplication!

Friday 29th June | 3 comments

This week in Year 2 we have been learning more about mini beasts through our Art and English work. We have developed our drawing skills through looking closely at photographs of butterflies and then working with a partner to listen to feedback to improve. We enjoyed working outside in the shade!

In English we have written some lovely mini beast poems. Here are two of our favourites:


The Woodlouse by Vaughn

Cautiously creeping out of my home,

Like an armoured ant,

Slowly creeping away from predators,

Creeping on my six wire-like legs,

Rolling into a ball away from danger,

Look, leap, dash,

Back in my home.


The Spider by Matilda

Long, pipe-cleaner legs scuttling silently across its silver threaded web,

Working tirelessly on a see-through trampoline,

Greedily gobbling juicy black flies,

Black marble eyes glistening in the sun.


In Maths this week, we have been using number lines to answer multiplication and division questions. We are amazed at how well the children know their times table facts now!

Next week we are looking forward to our Year 2 skipping event on Thursday, plus we  are starting a very special topic which begins with a visit to the Farfield bees.



3 responses to “Minibeasts and Multiplication!”

  1. Marion says:

    Great poems!
    Good idea to get out of the hot classroom and work in the shade of the trees. It has been a hot week!

  2. Zoe Webb (Jack Shann's Mummy) says:

    Sounds like another fantastic week. Jack is so excited about the skipping competition and has raised so much already. He’s also donated £5 of his own money which makes me a super proud (although I am always proud of my boy) mummy.

  3. Vaughn's mum says:

    So proud of Vaughn and his poem. He was extremely excited to read it on the blog!
    Thank you for sharing and for another great week at school 🙂

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