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Amazing descriptions

Friday 4th November | 1 comment

This week in year 2 we have been writing descriptions, focussing on including expanded noun phrases and using commas correctly. We started off the week in character as a witch making a gruesome potion. We added ingredients to our cauldron:

  • a slippery eyeball
  • a hairy, black rat
  • bony witches fingers covered in warts

We carried on including expanded noun phrases in our descriptions of a witch and when we wrote a WANTED poster for Guy Fawkes.

Can you use any expanded noun phrases at home?

IMG_5882 IMG_5876 IMG_5884 IMG_5883 IMG_5874 IMG_5880 IMG_5879 IMG_5877

One response to “Amazing descriptions”

  1. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    Ashwin has been talking about his noun phases at home. He has told us about the story of guy fawkes too.

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