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This Week in Year 2

Friday 25th November | 2 comments

What a busy week we’ve had in Year 2!
We have been learning about how animals prepare for and survive the winter. We looked at reports and stories to gather our information, then learnt how to write notes under headings. Finally, the children have written reports. They should all now know about hibernation, migration and adaptation.


In maths, we have been solving problems and learning about statistics and data handling. The children have been learning how to collect data and present data using tally charts, pictograms and block graphs. Our favourite lesson involved finding out how many of each colour there is within a pack of skittles.

For homework this week please can your child practise any lines and songs for our Christmas show.

2 responses to “This Week in Year 2”

  1. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    Amazing reports on how animals get ready for winter! Charlie was able to explain and draw a tally chart and block graph. I’m not surprised the skittles colours were the favourite lesson!
    I hope the practising for the Christmas play goes well good luck!

  2. Karen Chaudhari - Nathan's Mum says:

    Great report writing Year 2. Some really descriptive and interesting facts. Well done 🙂

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