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Year 2 News

Friday 1st December | 1 comment

We have been working hard in Year 2 this week as usual. As well as all the extra singing and acting we have been doing, we have still managed to fit in plenty of Maths, English, R.E, P.E and Topic.

In Maths this week, we have been learning about division. The children started the week with learning about dividing by 2 (halving). We did lots of practical sharing, using objects and moved onto writing number sentences using the division sign. They then showed their understanding through solving word problems. They have also learned about the relationship between multiplication and division. Have a look at our calculation triangles….

In English, we have used the story Follow the Swallow, to learn more about how some birds prepare for winter. We enjoyed learning about how Apollo the Swallow left his garden home in the Autumn and flew to South Africa, returning again the following Spring. While he was away, his friend Chack the Blackbird had changed colour from brown to black and had eaten all the berries on his tree. We wrote postcards from Apollo to Chack. The children worked really hard and remembered to include right choice adjectives when describing the animals he had seen on his long journey.

We have been so impressed with how the children have learned their lines, when to speak and when to perform.

Dates to remember:
Tuesday 5th December- Christmas Jumper Day

Wednesday 6th December after school – Christmas Fair
Tuesday 12th December, 2pm – KS1 Christmas Performance
Wednesday 13th December, 9:30am – KS1 Christmas Performance
Thursday 14th December- KS1 Christmas Party Day

One response to “Year 2 News”

  1. Zoe Webb says:

    What a brilliant week and Jack is so happy to achieve special me tion assembly this week. Super proud mummy this week (although I am proud each and every day) for all the hard work Jack has put in to improve his handwriting. Thank you Miss Loveridge

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