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2L’s Trip to Africa!

Wednesday 2nd March | No comments yet

2L had a very exciting afternoon today… we went on a trip to Africa!  The children all boarded the aeroplane (African Airlines) with their boarding passes and passports.  They were welcomed on board by their air hostess Chardonnay- Marie and their pilot Captain Ted Striker!    On the way, the children tracked the journey from England to Kenya using a world map.   We looked at the different countries we would have to pass over on our journey as well as learning about how long the journey would take.  When we finally landed in Africa, we went on a fact finding trail.  The children learnt lots of amazing facts about the continent of Africa – I wonder how many they can remember?  Over the next few weeks the children are going to focussing on Kenya.  We are going to look at physical and human features of the landscape as well as how Kenya is similar and different to Great Britain.

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