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A busy first week back in 2F.

Saturday 28th February | 2 comments

It’s been an incredibly busy week in 2F this week and the children have all worked very hard. Now that Mrs Lemont and Mr Walker have gone back to university, the children are having to rise to the challenge of working more independently. Well done everyone.

In Literacy we have started our work on the author Julia Donaldson. This week we learned how to write a good book review and the children are being encouraged to add their own book reviews to the Extreme Reading 2014-15 page. The children have also started to write an exciting newspaper article about the Gruffalo! Watch this space!

In Maths the children used Purple Mash, 2 Investigate to gather lots of information about their class. The program then created graph which we used in our Maths lessons to answer questions about the data we had collected. Here are some of the graphs; what can you discover about our class from the graphs?

We have also learned how to use Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams. Here are some links to games to help you practise this new learning.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 07.15.03Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 07.18.44Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 07.16.41Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 07.17.49

In my phonics group we have looked at

Click on the highlighted words to link to games that will help you practise this learning.

This week our Ethos Statement was ‘I can say how I feel’ and ‘I think about how others feel.’ Our Special Mentions this week are for two children who always show kindness and consideration for their peers, Umayyah and Yusuf. Well done to both of you.

We were very proud today to see 2RF in the list of Top Classes in the UK on Mathletics and nearly everyone managed to achieve their weekly certificate. Obtaining a weekly certificate is one of challenges for this half term, and the best way to achieve this is to play ‘little and often.’ This week we also celebrated Elizabeth and Ollie achieving their Gold Awards. Well done to both of you.

Thank you to everyone for their effort in completing the Learning Log work about telling the time. The Logs have gone home again with a task about either a favourite author or a favourite book. They are due back in school on Tuesday March 10th.

Next week will be another amazing week as we celebrate World Book Day on Thursday. Children can come to school dressed as a book character. Then on Friday we are going to visit the library in Farsley. The Book Fair will also be on from Monday morning and children will be able to use their World Book Day vouchers at it.

I hope you enjoy some of the links in this blog post. Remember that practising your new learning really helps your brain to stretch and remember it. Have a happy weekend.

2 responses to “A busy first week back in 2F.”

  1. Miles says:

    Is your book Fantastic Mr Fox? I’ve got a fox costume that I wore for World Book Day when I was in reception.

    My character is plastic

    My character has instructions

    My character is Special

    Can you guess?

  2. Mrs Monaghan says:

    Hello Mrs Fisher and 2F
    It sounds like you’ve had a busy week! I love the sound of your learning log work for this week… one of my favourite authors is Julia Donaldson! I particularly like the way she works with her illustrator Axel Scheffler, they are a fantastic partnership and make unique books together. My favourite is Room on the Broom. Do you have a favourite? I wonder what you are all going to dress up as for World Book Day? Our teachers are all dressing up too… we’ve got a surprise planned for the children! We’re all going to dress up as the characters from a book that Class 2 have been reading. You will have to look at our blog next week to find out who it is, but I’ll give you some clues, and you can have a guess…
    There are three teachers in our school and three main human characters in our book.
    The three human characters are men (but the teachers are women!)
    There are lots of animal characters in the book and the main one is the title of the book – he’s an animal with a big bushy tail, but he loses it!
    The teachers/characters are… one fat, one short, one lean!
    Have you guessed it? Can you give three clues for your character?
    Looking forward to seeing your costumes on your blog,
    Mrs Monaghan

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