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The Promise – drama, reading, writing and on Purple Mash.

Saturday 4th October | 4 comments

‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies has continued to inspire our work this week.

In Guided reading we used the book to think about reading with expression and for an audience. We made sure that we didn’t rush our reading and took breathes when there were full stops or commas. Charlie, Macey, Elizabeth and Nina read together in the Conservation area; sat together in the sunshine in these beautiful and peaceful surroundings seemed a wonderful place to enjoy this book.

At the beginning of the week we thought about the character in the story and children took turns in playing the role of the girl and answering questions from the class. We then worked in pairs, one as a newspaper reporter and the other as the character. Having thought of questions the reporter might ask and the answers the character would give, we used Purple Mash to write our own newspaper articles.  Click on the images below to open up the reports.

On Wednesday we were visited by a group of students from Leeds Becketts University who are doing a Creative Writing Module. Three of the students will be working with the children in class, for one session each Wednesday for ten weeks. This week 2F also went over to the South building to take part in a drama led by Mr Wilkinson. It was a really brilliant experience for the children. The drama followed on from the end of the story in ‘The Promise.’ The children met the thief who had stolen the bag at the end of the story, but this time the thief didn’t want to keep the promise and wasn’t going to plant anything. The children had to try and convince the thief that she should keep the promise. In their roles they showed how they could transform various locations, but nothing worked.
Now back in class we have begun to write stories, but this time the thief will be persuaded to keep her promise. Next week we’ll post some of the stories on our blog!

4 responses to “The Promise – drama, reading, writing and on Purple Mash.”

  1. KateHeap says:

    What beautiful reading girls! Well done!

  2. wilkina11 says:

    Dear 2F

    What a fabulous time you are having with ‘The Promise’. Your newspaper interviews are awesome. You have clearly asked some searching questions of the main character and your answers show that you have begun to empathise with her character. Empathy is when you put yourself into somebody else’s shoes and imagine what it is like to be them. It is such an important life skill and can help you get along with people as you grow up.

    I really enjoyed our drama workshop on Wednesday. I thought you were brilliant. You listened careful and used all of your energy to take the story forward. I was incredibly impressed with the care and commitment you showed to keeping your promises. I am sure that you had a big impact upon the girl with the conkers. If you continue to show what the power of promises can do, you will no doubt convince her to keep the conker planting promise.

    Your trip to Saltaire looks brilliant too. What a varied and exciting week you had. Make sure you say a big thank you to Mrs Fisher, Mrs Suddards, Mrs Hodgson, and all the adults who help you at school for making your learning such an exciting experience.

    I shall be looking out for your stories in the coming weeks. I want to know what happens next!!

    Keep being the best you can be.

    Mr Wilkinson

  3. Laura Carlin says:

    When you’ve worked on a book for a long time, and no matter how beautiful the words are, you can forget the power and majesty of them.

    The four of you have read the story so brilliantly (and without hurrying through it!) and it reminds me that I was very lucky to illustrate it!

    Thank you so much,
    And continue the good work!


  4. Chloe A says:

    What a super week 2F. I love looking at the pictures of the drama that you have been doing. Miles shared the story of The Promise with me and I loved it. I am really looking forward to how your stories develop.

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