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10.10.2014 – looking back on our exciting week in 2F.

Saturday 11th October | 5 comments

It’s been another busy week in 2F.

On Monday we went to visit the library. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain, so we had to abandon our Maths iSpy, but we will reschedule a date for it soon. The children really enjoyed their time in the library and we all chose a book to bring back to school. Farsley Library is a brilliant local library with 100s of excellent children’s books. You can choose up to 20 books on a visit and then keep them for 3 weeks – for free! Thank you again to the parents who met us at the library and helped to make this another very special outing.

In Numeracy this week we have been working on subtraction. We have used a range of strategies to help us solve subtraction and we have also tried to check our work using a different strategy. (I will add a blog post soon to demonstrate these strategies) Next week we are going to put our addition and subtraction skills into practise by pretending to shop for food! So if you are out shopping, please ask your child to help with paying for your items.

In Literacy we have all been busy writing a sequel to ‘The Promise.’ We all used the ending of ‘The Promise’, when the thief stole the acorns as the beginning of our own stories. Then we used the scene from Mr. Wilkinson’s drama when we met the thief in the park, as the build up. Our dilemma was getting the thief to plant the acorns. We acted out and drew illustrations to help us think of our own ideas for the resolution, how we would get the thief to plant their acorns. Finally we finished with the conclusion, when together our characters planted the acorns and began to create a better world.


In Phonics and Handwriting we worked on the ‘ph’ and ‘ew.’ When writing ‘ph’ we focused on making sure that our ‘p’ sat on the line and that the ‘h’ was tall. We used joined up writing to join e to w, when writing ‘ew’. Please do check out our Phonics Spelling and Handwriting page; it has links to games and lists the phonemes we learn each week.

This weeks Special Mentions – Macey for her excellent story writing and illustrations, ‘Be a great learner.’ It was so difficult to choose a 2nd Special Mention as everyone had been brilliant all week, but the class suggested Charlie as she had played with someone who was feeling unhappy and had made them happy and because she is now such a good Team Leader.’Be the best you can be.’ Well done to both of you.

Image Image 1 Image 2

The Mathlete of the week was Leah, with an amazing score of over 4,900. This week, so far, 2F have achieved over 20 certificates. Our goal is for everyone in the class to achieve a weekly certificate!

Well done everyone for another brilliant week. Have a great weekend and see you all soon, ready for our next fabulous topic, ‘Food, Glorious Food!’

5 responses to “10.10.2014 – looking back on our exciting week in 2F.”

  1. Mrs Monaghan says:

    Dear Y2,
    It looks like you’ve been working hard and having fun over the past few weeks! We have been inspired by your class of wonderful Mathletes to try hard ourselves to achieve our certificates. Like you we have been trying to get a certificate for everyone in the class. Luckily, we’ve got quite a small morning class and so we’ve managed it for the last THREE weeks – I wonder if we can keep it up all term? I think that you will soon achieve your goal for your whole class to get a certificate. Well done for all your hard work!

    A visit to the library is very special, our local library is 3 miles away in a nearby town so we can’t walk there, but we are hoping to pay a visit in November. Did you choose books while you were there to take home? I wonder what choices you made? Do you have a favourite class book? The Promise looks like a beautiful book to read, and inspire your writing. We are looking at Mystery Stories in our class… we hope that we’ll be able to share some short and spooky stories with you soon… and guess what? We use story mountain, too!

    Keep up the great work,
    Your Middleham Friends in A Room with a View & Mrs Monaghan

  2. Kirsty (Nina's mum) says:

    Nina really enjoyed the trip to the library despite the weather and told us all about the book that she chose. She has been showing me how to use Purple Mash for her number bonds card game – very impressive!

  3. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    Well done 2F it sounds like you have been working really hard this week. The photos of your visit to Farsley library look good too. …I wish I could have been there. Keep up the good work on being good citizens and the being the best you can be 🙂

  4. Amanda O'Donnell says:

    Looks like a fabulous visit to our local library, Ben remembers when he used to go there every friday for storytime! I hope you are all enjoying the books you have borrowed.

  5. Claire Kane says:

    Hello Year 2.
    It’s great to see your photos of the visit to the library. Hope you enjoyed creating poems and choosing your books. Try to have a look at Roald Dahl’s special language. Gobblefunk. Greet me with some of your own made up words next time you see me!See you soon. Claire. Farlsey librarian.

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