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A Pole to Pole Adventure in Year 2

Friday 30th November | 4 comments

This week, we have used the book Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis to develop our understanding of the Polar Regions and in particular, which animals live in the Arctic and Antarctica. In topic lessons we found out more about the animals that live in the Polar Regions and how they are adapted to the extremely cold conditions.

In our English lessons, we have used drama to deepen our understanding of story telling.  Here we are on our adventure to the North Pole:

We looked at clues for our adventure, packed our bags and created a journey on a ship. When we arrived at the North Pole, we found a very lost penguin! The children then created their own solutions and ending to the story. The children were very creative in using their imaginations to take the penguin back to his South Pole home!

In maths, we have been busy solving problems using money.  The children have been adding prices and working out change.  Please practise using the game below:

Thank you for your support in helping the children to learn their lines for our Christmas show. Please keep practising at home. Children need to know these by heart for Monday. Thank you.

4 responses to “A Pole to Pole Adventure in Year 2”

  1. Afsana khan says:

    Arwa enjoyed this topic, especially the part where she had to pretend she was climbing up a ladder to the North Pole.

  2. Jo Adey says:

    Jackson has been talking all about migration this week. He has been telling us how Red Crabs migrate, by crossing a road!

  3. Netti Cairns says:

    Molly has really enjoyed this week and loves practicing on the money game. Thanks for sending this on!

  4. Mairi Beaton says:

    I asked Finnan what he packed for the North Pole and he said his Nintendo – not sure how long he’d last in the Arctic with his nose stuck in a game! Been hearing lots about migration – think he has really enjoyed this topic!

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