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Another busy week in Year 2

Friday 12th May | No comments yet

Reading Stars!

We were so impressed with the children this week when they sat their reading SATs papers. They all tried their very best and we were really impressed with the progress that the children have made since the practice papers a few months ago. We are very proud!


We have continued our stories this week, focusing on editing and improving our sentences. The final stories are a joy to read.

How could you improve this sentence? What would you Add, Bin or Change?

Sam saw a drink.


We have been working hard on multiplication and division this week with a focus on reasoning and worded problems. The children have been introduced to remainders for division.

Play this game to practise your times table fluency…

Next week we are looking forward to our chocolate factory D.T. day. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help with this.


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