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Making Healthy Sandwiches – 2H

Friday 24th October | 1 comment

First, I modelled to the children how to make a sandwich and I gave them a copy of my instructions. They weren’t easy to follow and weren’t very clear so I made this very unhealthy looking sandwich.


The children learnt that they had to be very clear about what information they gave in their instructions. We discussed the use of interesting verbs rather than ‘put’ or ‘get’ and the children learnt how to use adverbs in their instructions to describe how to do something.

Then the children  planned what they needed to make their own sandwiches and wrote a first draft of their instructions whilst they made them. They then improved their instructions against a success criteria.  They used  their cutting skills to cut the tomatoes and cucumber and they all made a very healthy sandwich! At the end of the lesson they were able to eat their sandwiches and they gave themselves a mark out of ten.

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One response to “Making Healthy Sandwiches – 2H”

  1. Ellen(Rhy's mum) says:

    Rhys is making more healthy choices after learning what is good and bad for you. It has helped him understand why mum says no to chocolate for breakfast!

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