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More Loom Band Maths!

Sunday 22nd June | 1 comment

Everyone is going Loom Band crazy in class!Don’t forget to make your bracelets look really smart, use a repeated pattern or a symmetrical pattern. Work out how many bands you need and then lay out your bands before you start. Here’s a couple of ideas that will also help you practise counting in 2s and 3s. Share your creations and how you practise your Maths while using Loom Bands as comments below.

How about using groups of 10? Here’s two ideas.

photo 1 photo 2

One response to “More Loom Band Maths!”

  1. Claire O'Connor says:

    This is briliant. At the weekend I was shown by my niece how to make a basic loom band. As a Y1/2 teacher I thought what a fabulous way of teaching pattern and number. You’ve already done it! Lovely clips and ideas. Thanks.

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