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Food, Glorious Food! 2H

Sunday 19th October | 2 comments

We had a great time at Toby Carvery on Monday. The children learnt all about healthy foods and enjoyed a scrumptious roast dinner with yorkshire puddings the size of their heads! The children have been learning about healthy foods and drinks all week. They have learnt about the different food groups and have been practising a ‘Healthy Food Rap’ to help them remember why we must eat certain foods.


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The children also became ‘Sugar Detectives’ this week. They had find out how many grams of sugar are in certain drinks and they then measured the amount of sugar using scales. We measured the sugar content in various drinks, including milk, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, water and fruit juices. The children were shocked to see how much sugar is in certain drinks and what it equated to. For example, the amount of sugar in a particular fizzy drink equated to three large slices of chocolate brownie. The children decided that they would have the drinks with the largest amount of sugar in as a treat!

Next week, we are going to be making healthy sandwiches. The children are going to make a sandwich including foods from all the different food groups. They are going to be writing instructions as they make their sandwiches and will then redraft these instructions to improve them before writing them up in their books.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at Parents’ Evening this week. If you haven’t made an appointment yet, please do contact me to book a slot.

Best wishes,

Miss Hutchinson



2 responses to “Food, Glorious Food! 2H”

  1. mia says:

    Hi miss Huchtson it’s Mia I like the resront you went to was it fun.

  2. Ellen (Rhys mum) says:

    Rhys really enjoyed the trip to Toby carvery. His favourite bit was playing the two vegetable games and the carrots won which made rhys happy. Rhys enjoyed choosing his own food and his favourites were the giant Yorkshire puddings which he saved till last. Rhys has also been thinking more about his choices of drinks and what will be best for him!

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