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Maths Family Meeting and working on place value

Friday 18th September | 1 comment

Many thanks to all the parents and families who attended the Maths Meeting on Tuesday evening. Despite the hall being rather full and noisy, it was good to read your evaluations and to know that the meeting had been useful.

The presentation from the evening can be found on the Maths at home page. In addition this page has more useful information, documents and links.

In class this week the children have been learning about place value. They know that each digit can represent a different number depending where it is in the number. For instance 2, in actually 20 in 24 but only worth 2, in 42. The children have done lots of practical work using their LEGO 10s and units and have also recorded their work, both pictorially and as calculations. In the video below you can see the children listening to a counter on the board and adding 1 each time it clicks. Watch what happens when they move from 9 to 10, 19 to 20 etc. See how hard everyone is concentrating too!

Here is a link to a video which the children have enjoyed in class. It shows clearly the role of each digit in a number. Click the image below.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 05.50.55

The children have also been allocated games on Mathletics to help them practise this weeks learning about place value.

One response to “Maths Family Meeting and working on place value”

  1. Adele Bowden says:

    We had lots of fun at the maths work shop and have used the information we learnt to help at home already! Thank you for organising it!

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