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Maths Measuring Breakfast

Saturday 17th January | No comments yet

Did you know that the Kellogg’s Variety pack was first sold in 1963?

So this week our Maths has been all about cereal and measures.  We had four different activities going on all week and the children got an opportunity to do each one.

  • We measured the height, width and depth of the cereal boxes using rulers and measuring in centimetres.
  • We measured the weight of bowls of cereal using weighing scales and measuring in grams.
  • We measured the capacity of the milk we poured on our cereal using a measuring jug and using millilitres.
  • We created a tally chart and bar chart to show the most popular cereal.

Here is a link to a fun site to help you practise this weeks learning about measures

.Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 07.04.29

The children learned a song called ‘Pirate Captain Hugh.’ Here are a couple of videos of the children performing the song. What units of measurement does the pirate use to make his stew?

In ICT the children used Pic Collage to create posters about measures.
Image 4

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