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Happy New Year

05/01/2018 at 3:42 PM


What a fantastic start to the New Year we have had!

The children have worked so hard and produced some great work this week.


In maths we have been practising adding two 2 digit numbers. We have focused on partitioning and have recorded our learning using tens and ones grids and have started to use the expanded written method.

  1. We used bundles of straws to add tens and ones.
  2. We used base 10 to record practically.

3. We used lines and dots to represent the tens and ones.

4. We used base ten in columns and recorded our calculations using the expanded written method for addition.

This method precedes the formal column addition method that is taught in year 3.


This week we read the story The Tiger who came to Tea. We looked at the story sequence and enjoyed making a story mountain. Next we planned our own story using a different animal and a different meal using the same story mountain. Today we started to write our stories which we will finish next week.


Before starting our learning about the 1960’s, we looked at important events in history and placed them in order, making a class timeline. We started by working in pairs to put just a few events in order and built up the timeline by joining with another group, then another!

You should have received a newsletter this week to tell you what is coming up this half term. It promises to be another busy and exciting few weeks!

Have a great weekend,

The Year 2 Team.


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Merry Christmas Year 2!

15/12/2017 at 1:11 PM


This week in Year 2, we have enjoyed lots of festive activities. As well as our Christmas performances, we have made calendars using wordart, made and enjoyed party food, finished and evaluated our polar animal decorations and used our measuring skills to make a Christmas tree picture.


Party fun!

Festive Fun!

In maths we completed our work on statistics, collecting and presenting data about favourite fruits and with Mrs Wilson, we used our reasoning skills in answering Christmas themed maths problems. In English this week, we continued our letter writing work from last week by writing a letter to Santa. What a busy Christmas Eve he will have delivering all those presents!

We also looked at the temperature data we have been collecting to answer the question ‘How does the temperature change from Autumn to winter?’ We found out that it has been getting colder!

We hope that all our families have a lovely holiday and enjoy the festive season!


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A Jolly Week in Year 2!

08/12/2017 at 1:46 PM



This week we have read the story ‘The Jolly Postman’. We have retold the story in order and have also written a diary entry for the postman’s day. We learned how to use the possessive apostrophe e.g. the giant’s castle, and tried to include a range of conjunctions to extend sentences. Today we imagined that the postman had another letter to deliver to the three little pigs which the children then wrote. We had a focus on using questions. They did a fantastic job! Here are a few examples:

Dear Little Pigs,

I have recently heard that you are building your houses. Would you like me to help you? I am an expert at rebuilding houses. I can build houses out of anything except from titanium. Once I built a house for the BFG. It took me a year to build because it was so big!

Dear Little Pigs,

I walked past your house and I saw that your house was blown down. Would you like me to build it back up again? I have some bricks in my yard. They are very strong. Would you like some? I have cement too to stick it together.

Dear Little Pigs,

I saw a big bad wolf. He was planning to get you so I wanted to say that I can help you. I can make you a strong brick house. What colour would you like your house to be and what kind of house do you want it to be? It can be anything you want, but make it strong otherwise he will eat you!


In maths this week we have been interpreting tally charts, pictograms and block graphs. We made our own block graphs to show how many of each colour skittle was in a mini packet. We wrote true or false statements about our data. e.g. True or false? There are 3 more yellow skittles than green.


We have continued our learning on the polar regions, this week focusing on animals. We sorted the animals into whether they live in the Arctic or Antarctica. We read some interesting information about polar bears and penguins.

Thank you for your party money contributions. We are looking forward to making our party treats next week. Also thank you for the nativity costumes. These need to be in school on Monday if you haven’t already sent them in.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team

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Year 2 News

01/12/2017 at 1:22 PM


We have been working hard in Year 2 this week as usual. As well as all the extra singing and acting we have been doing, we have still managed to fit in plenty of Maths, English, R.E, P.E and Topic.

In Maths this week, we have been learning about division. The children started the week with learning about dividing by 2 (halving). We did lots of practical sharing, using objects and moved onto writing number sentences using the division sign. They then showed their understanding through solving word problems. They have also learned about the relationship between multiplication and division. Have a look at our calculation triangles….

In English, we have used the story Follow the Swallow, to learn more about how some birds prepare for winter. We enjoyed learning about how Apollo the Swallow left his garden home in the Autumn and flew to South Africa, returning again the following Spring. While he was away, his friend Chack the Blackbird had changed colour from brown to black and had eaten all the berries on his tree. We wrote postcards from Apollo to Chack. The children worked really hard and remembered to include right choice adjectives when describing the animals he had seen on his long journey.

We have been so impressed with how the children have learned their lines, when to speak and when to perform.

Dates to remember:
Tuesday 5th December- Christmas Jumper Day

Wednesday 6th December after school – Christmas Fair
Tuesday 12th December, 2pm – KS1 Christmas Performance
Wednesday 13th December, 9:30am – KS1 Christmas Performance
Thursday 14th December- KS1 Christmas Party Day

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Busy busy in Year 2!

24/11/2017 at 12:43 PM



In English this week, we have been building on our Polar Adventure drama by using the book ‘Poles Apart’ by Jeanne Willis to inspire our writing.  The children wrote fabulous descriptive postcards using ‘right choice words’ for adjectives and verbs.


In Maths, we have continued our work on multiplication.  The children have made good progress in their understanding of how to tackle worded multiplication problems. Some children even managed to solve two step problems.

Try to solve this two step problem:

Joe bakes 4 trays of buns.

There are 5 buns in each tray.

Joe sells 5 of the buns.  How many are left?

Christmas Performance

The children have been working hard practising the Christmas performance.  Please can you continue to practise the words at home and make sure that your child knows when to speak in the play (cue).

Learning Log

This week’s learning log is:

We have been writing expanded noun phrases in English. Draw or stick in a picture related to our topic ‘Polar Regions’. Then label the picture with expanded noun phrases. E.g. huge, furry polar bear or gigantic iceberg

Extra Challenge: Can you write a description, using your expanded noun phrases?


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2LA’s Arctic Adventure

21/11/2017 at 3:38 PM


Yesterday afternoon, 2LA went on an amazing journey to the Arctic!
We looked at clues to find out where we were going, then packed our bags. We packed all our warm clothes, food, maps and a compass. We decided to pick up some huskies in Alaska first and used the compass to travel north. When we got there, we explored our surroundings. We saw polar bears, icebergs and it was very cold and windy. Later on we found a little penguin who was lost. We discovered that he was a long way from his home in the South Pole so we took him back to Antarctica.

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