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Year 2 News

21/05/2021 at 1:11 PM



In English this week, we have been reading, performing and writing poems about chocolate. The children have used right choice adjectives and verbs to describe chocolate using their senses. They also used similes and alliteration. Some children even used rhyme! Here we are performing some poems:


In maths this week we have been revising multiplication and division. We remembered how to create 4 ‘fact family’ number sentences for multiplication and division. We practised our 3 times table and answered lots of 3 x table questions. We started to look at the idea of remainders too this week; the children had to use their times table knowledge to predict if they would get a remainder when sharing out counters.

Please do continue to practise times tables regularly; the TTRockstars website is really useful for learning facts by heart.


The children have learned all about where chocolate comes from. We watched this video then wrote about the different stages.

We also learned more about the Amazon rainforest and talked about deforestation. the children made posters to raise awareness.

Next week we are looking forward to designing and making our own box of chocolates! Yum!

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Rugby, Fairtrade and more in Year 2!

14/05/2021 at 2:35 PM


We had a great start to the week with Joe from Leeds Rhinos. The children enjoyed our first Rugby session and learned the important skill of how to hold the ball correctly. Children had a great time playing banana split tig and some relay games. We are looking forward to the next session on Monday. Don’t forget, children need correct PE kit in school including suitable footwear.


Thank you for the fantastic learning log work on Fairtrade. The children enjoyed learning more about what this means. They acted out working on farms and then being paid for their work. Some of them were paid a fair price and others weren’t! Next week we will find out more about how chocolate is made!

English and Maths

In English, we have written our own amazing fizzy lifting drink stories. We have been so impressed with the children’s stamina for writing.

In maths, we have completed our unit of work on Time. Please keep practising reading the time but also keep talking about intervals of time. Here are some examples:

  • If I start swimming at 9 o’clock and finish at half past 9, how long have I been swimming?
  • How long does it take to walk to school?
  • Which time is earlier? 5 o’clock or quarter to 5?


We continued our topic about plants and gardening in science this week. We read a letter from Jackie who was a distant relative of Jack who grew the beanstalk! She wanted us to help her as she had a range of different seeds and she was unsure which would grow the tallest. We researched the height of different plants and then we worked together to make a graph from string which would clearly show us the results. Each Hive group concluded that out of our selection of seeds, corn grew the tallest at 150 cm so we recommended this seed to Jackie.

We also had some good discussion about the fact that the biggest seeds do not always produce the biggest plant which answered a question we posed at the beginning of the topic. 

Have a great weekend!

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We’re flying in Year 2!

07/05/2021 at 2:00 PM


This week in English we have been exploring the idea of flying. First we watched the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate factory where Charlie and Grandpa Joe try the fizzy lifting drink. We generated right choice words for flying such as gliding, soaring and hovering and built sentences using this vocabulary. We then read the story ‘Some dogs do’ by Jez Alborough. This also explores flight. The children then retold the story. We finished the week by creating our own stories through drama; next week we will use these ideas to write our own fizzy lifting drink story!

On Wednesday, we took part in an author workshop via Zoom. We listened to Claire Culliford reading her story, Penny Helps Protect the Polar Ice Caps. We then joined in some activities.

In maths this week we have continued our work on telling the time. We have now looked at all the times to the nearest 5 minutes. e.g 5 past, 10 past. Please continue to practise at home- it is taking a while to master this! We have set the time tasks on Mathletics for you to complete at home.

Here we are doing some super skipping!

In Science this week, we set up an investigation to find out what seeds need in order to germinate. Does it matter whether we plant seeds on the surface or under the soil? Does it matter how deep we plant the seeds? Does it matter which way up we plant the seeds?

We are enjoying working on our colourful tulip art…

Learning Log

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What time is it Year 2?

30/04/2021 at 1:20 PM


This week we have started to learn how to tell the time. We have focused on o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Please can you reinforce this at home over the next few weeks by asking the children to tell you the time! Thank you.

In English we have been reading more of our class text, charlie and the chocolate factory. This week we have been focusing on the characters from the story. We have been writing character descriptions using lots of amazing right choice words and phrases. We really enjoyed pretending to be Veruca Salt in our role play session!

We also read all about the crazy Indian Prince who asked Willy Wonka to build him a chocolate palace. The children correctly predicted that the chocolate palace would melt in the hot sun! Following this, we planned and carried out a fair test. The children had to decide the best way to investigate “Which chocolate would be best to build a chocolate palace?”

We have also started some lovely art work. We have been looking at the work of Brazilian artist Romero Britto.

Brazilian artist Romero Britto is famous for creating bold, bright modern images. Here is some of his artwork. Do you like it? How would you describe his style?

He uses thick, black lines to create the main images then fills the remaining spaces with colourful patterns. Here is a tulip image in the style of Romero Britto:

We decided to create our own tulip pictures.

Tree Planting

Year 2 have been helping to plant some new trees on the field. I wonder how big they will be when the children are in Year 6!?

CGP Books

This week we sent home some workbooks for the children to complete as they wish at home. Please check children’s book bags for further information and see class teachers if you need to know more.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend. See you on Tuesday!

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A super first week back in year 2!

23/04/2021 at 1:31 PM


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break.

This week we started our new topics. The children are really enjoying our class text for this half term, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This will form the basis of our work across the curriculum. Here is a link to this half term’s newsletter which has also been sent home today:

In English this week we have been describing settings. Through drama and discussion, we have explored some different settings in the story and have written some detailed descriptions. We are really impressed by the children’s developing vocabulary knowledge and how they can choose words carefully for effect in their writing. We created our own imaginary settings based on the chocolate room in the story where everything is edible which the children then used as a basis for their writing.

In maths this week, we have been busy doing lots of measuring. The children have learned how to use rulers correctly to measure in centimetres and draw lines accurately.  We have been comparing and ordering objects according to length and have completed some different measuring challenges such as finding out how long the classroom is and how far we can run in 10 seconds!

We have also started learning all about Brazil. We used the knowledge we have gained in previous geography topics to predict what the climate would be like in Brazil. We have learned some interesting facts and are looking forward to finding out more!

Learning Log- Friday 23rd April 2021

We have been measuring in school this week. Carry out some measuring at home. You could make a table to show how long some different objects are. Perhaps you could draw a picture using straight lines and label their lengths.

We look forward to seeing your work.

To be handed in Wednesday 5th May 2021

Have a lovely weekend,

from the Year 2 team.

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Year 2 News

01/04/2021 at 12:04 PM


We have had another busy week in Year 2. We have finished our Africa and fractions topics. Please find the White Rose Maths fraction booklets in your child’s bookbag. This is for you to complete at home as consolidation if you wish.


We have been writing about what life is like for children in rural and urban Kenya this week.

We listened to the story of Evangeline who lives on a farm in rural Kenya. We talked about her day and how her life is both similar and different to ours. We then wrote a diary of her day.

We also found out about Nana who lives in urban Kenya, the capital city Nairobi. We compared life in urban and rural Kenya and used conjunctions such as and, so, but, whereas.


This week we have been working on reading and writing fractions sentences involving amounts. We have also learned about equivalent fractions. We finished the week with a topic assessment. The children have found this topic quite tricky. If you do have any spare time, please have a look at the questions in the White Rose maths booklet.


In art this week, the children have created some beautiful African silhouette sunsets.

Other activities

We enjoyed working as a team to look for Easter eggs hidden around the school grounds. Each team had their own clue sheet which gave the order to find the eggs. We then had to run to find each egg and back to our team in order. Thank you to Miss Carter for organising!

After the holidays

  • We are looking forward to talking to you at parent’s evening. Please make sure you have booked your appointment.
  • We will be starting a new topic based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It would be great if you are able to watch the movie over the holidays.
  • Maths after the holidays will be measurement including time. Can your child tell the time to o’clock and half past on an analogue clock?

Have a lovely break. Let’s hope we have plenty of sunshine to enjoy!

Stay safe

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