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Seasons Greetings from Year 2!

21/12/2018 at 3:33 PM


We have had a very merry last week of term with lots of exciting events and activities.

We really enjoyed our ‘Children of the World’ Christmas show. Thank you again for your support.

We have been busy making calendars, cards and hanging decorations too. We hope you like them!

Christmas Cards

Hanging Decorations

We had a fantastic party day. We made our own party food, played games and danced til we dropped! We had a very special visitor at the end!

Party food


Party Games

A special visitor

Thank you for all your support this half term.

You should have received two letters this week for events happening in January:


moving words letter 2019

y2 parent workshop letter 2019


Please can you return these as soon as possible when we return to school.

Have a wonderful break. See you all on Tuesday 8th January!

Best wishes from the Year 2 Team


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Year 2 News this week

14/12/2018 at 12:36 PM


This week, we have enjoyed lots of different activities:

  • We have enjoyed watching the Foundation Stage and KS2 dress rehearsals as well as putting in lots of practise for our own!
  • 2La had their last visit to Gym Magic. Everyone in Year 2 has been fantastic on our visits there!
  • In maths we have been working hard on understanding the concept of multiplication. Children have investigated arrays, written and solved multiplication stories and have started to work out multiplication calculations on their own including those with missing numbers. Keep practising times tables at home- You can use Mathletics or TTRockstars to support this.
  • In English we read the story ‘ Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present’ and have enjoyed discussion and writing activities from the book.
  • In topic this week, we learned about the town of Churchill in Canada. Children used maps to locate it and then researched interesting facts. Children made posters to show what they found out:


Reminders for next week:

  • A few children still do not have their Christmas Play costumes in school. Please can you make sure they have the appropriate clothing on Monday morning at the latest! Thank you.

Performance times in the Junior Hall:

Tuesday 18th December 2pm

Wednesday 19th December 9:30am

  • We are having our Christmas Party on Thursday. Please send in your £1 contribution. Children can come to school in their party clothes.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 2 Team

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Jolly Letter Writing and Multiplication!

07/12/2018 at 1:53 PM


This week we have been writing letters. We read The Jolly Postman and enjoyed retelling the story and sequencing the postman’s journey. We also wrote a diary entry for the postman’s busy day.

We then thought about who else he might deliver a letter to and we decided to write letters to the little pigs from a builder. Children used what they knew about the story of the three little pigs to write their letters. We have also written a letter to Father Christmas; it looks like he will be incredibly busy in Farsley this year!!

In maths this week, we have started to explore the concept of multiplication. This started with the idea of  equal groups.

There are 2 equal groups with 3 in each group.

Children then went on to record this as repeated addition, 3 + 3 = 6

and then as a multiplication 2 x 3 = 6.

We also looked at this as an array. Children will continue to build on this and develop their understanding next week.


Children in 2La are enjoying their Gym Magic sessions. Here are a few pictures:

We have been working hard practising for our Christmas Show. The children now all know their lines and the singing is sounding fantastic! Thank you for your support with this at home.

Please can children bring their costumes in ready for next week. Thank you.


Other reminders for next week:

  • Non- uniform day on Wednesday (Christmas Jumper day) and PTA Christmas Fair.
  • Please send in your chocolate and sweet donations and return any raffle tickets/money.
  • 2LA’s last Gym Magic session on Tuesday. Please wear PE kits.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team

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A Pole to Pole Adventure in Year 2

30/11/2018 at 1:07 PM


This week, we have used the book Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis to develop our understanding of the Polar Regions and in particular, which animals live in the Arctic and Antarctica. In topic lessons we found out more about the animals that live in the Polar Regions and how they are adapted to the extremely cold conditions.

In our English lessons, we have used drama to deepen our understanding of story telling.  Here we are on our adventure to the North Pole:

We looked at clues for our adventure, packed our bags and created a journey on a ship. When we arrived at the North Pole, we found a very lost penguin! The children then created their own solutions and ending to the story. The children were very creative in using their imaginations to take the penguin back to his South Pole home!

In maths, we have been busy solving problems using money.  The children have been adding prices and working out change.  Please practise using the game below:

Thank you for your support in helping the children to learn their lines for our Christmas show. Please keep practising at home. Children need to know these by heart for Monday. Thank you.

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A super week in year 2

23/11/2018 at 3:14 PM


We have had another great week in Year 2; the highlight of the week being our RSPB workshop on Wednesday. The children learned about the organisation and its motto ‘Giving Nature a Home’. We discussed some of the animals and birds that the RSPB supports and went outside to look for habitats in our school grounds.

We have continued our learning about how animals prepare for winter and have done some fantastic non-fiction writing in English. Today they have started to write a report about this using the subheadings migration, hibernation and adaptation.

In maths, we have started our topic on money. Children have been recognising coins and making different totals using coins. Today we have looked at using different coins that make the same total.  Try the link below for a fun game:


It was 2LO’s final week at Gym Magic. Next week 2LA will start their visits. Don’t forget to come in PE kits on Tuesday! Here are 2LO in action!

Cold/ wet weather request:

Please make sure that children have appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoors in the changing weather. We still like to use the grassy areas so having a pair of wellies in school saves children getting wet/muddy shoes! Thank you.


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The Changing Seasons in Year 2

16/11/2018 at 1:40 PM


This week we have started to think about the changing seasons. We discussed what we already know about the seasons and in particular what happens in autumn and winter. We have also started to think about how different animals survive in winter.

In our Science lessons with Mrs Wilson, we talked about how some animals prepare for winter by hibernating. In English lessons, through the story ‘Follow the Swallow’, we learned about migration. We are looking forward to building on this next week.

We have now finished our addition and subtraction maths topic and next week will be starting a new topic on money.

We now know how to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers including exchanging. You can practise this using the following online games:

You will find these in the supporting calculation section at the bottom of the page! (You will need flash to play these)

We have had a great time dressed as rockstars today for Children in Need. Thank you so much for your efforts and contributions.

Reminders for next week:

Next week on Wednesday, we will be taking part in a workshop run by the RSPB in our school grounds. Please make sure you have wellies and warm clothing! (All Year 2)

It is the final week for 2LO visiting Gym Magic. Please arrive at school dressed in PE kits on Tuesday.

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