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2C’s Trip to York

22/01/2016 at 4:35 PM


We had a great time at York yesterday. The children were very well behaved and they seemed to enjoy our 1960s workshop. They particularly seemed to enjoy the dressing up and they also spontaneously began dancing on a number of occasions. Later, we visited the Victorian street scene and the children particularly enjoyed being locked up in the police cell!

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2L’s Trip to Castle Museum York

20/01/2016 at 6:35 PM


We had a ‘groovy’ time today on our trip to the Castle Museum.  We were very proud of the children’s participation in the workshop and of their behaviour throughout the day.  The children had a great time this morning learning about how people lived in the 1960s: we listened to music, dressed up in ‘fab’ 60s outfits, learnt about the Lunar Landing and learnt about how lived their day-to-day lives.  In the afternoon, we visited the old Victorian street.  The children loved exploring and learning about the old Victorian shops and houses.  Here are just a few snap shots of the day:


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This week in Year 2

18/01/2016 at 7:49 PM


In Year 2 this week we are learning more about fractions.  The children are finding thirds of numbers, lengths and objects by using dividing circles and the bar method.  Can your child show you these strategies?  The children are also solving real life problems such as

Amy has 27 pets in her pet shop. One third of the pets are dogs and two thirds are cats.

How many dogs does she have?

How many cats does she have?

In mental maths the children are learning to count in the three times table.  Here is a song which can help :

3 x table

In Literacy, the children are continuing their work on non-fiction texts.  They have written some great paragraphs of what TV was like in the 1960s.  Here are the clips we watched in class to help inspire our writing:

Blue Peterthunder

Just a brief reminder that the Year 2 trip to York Castle Museum is this week.  Thank you to all parents who have returned the permission slip and monetary contribution.  2L will be going on Wednesday and 2C are going on Thursday.  It is going to prove to be a great trip and we are really looking forward to the 1960s workshop.

Thank you to all the parents who continue to support us by reading with their children at home.  Your child does read to the teacher or LSA twice a week in school, but hearing your child read at home has proven benefits in the progress they make.

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Fractions in Year 2

11/01/2016 at 9:11 PM


 Our current maths topic is fractions. The children have been finding and identifying halves, quarters and thirds of shapes, numbers and objects. We have been looking at equivalent fractions too. I have been very impressed with the Fraction Hunt homework I have seen so far – the children have found fractions in lots of very unusual places!

fraction wall

Here are some links to help your child at home.

fractions 1





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Happy New Year!

05/01/2016 at 7:51 PM


Happy New Year to everyone in Year 2!
We have had a lovely day today working with the children. It has been great to chat to them about their holiday highlights and we were very impressed with how the children came in motivated and ready to learn!
Today we have learnt lots of interesting facts about our brains as well as discovering what the different parts our brain control. In P.E. the children made up a ‘Brain Gym’ dance and we made brain caps to show what part of the brain controls the different things we do. Later on, the children produced some beautiful work which is going to be displayed in the classroom.



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A fabulous final day.

19/12/2015 at 8:29 AM


It will seem very strange to not be blogging about our fabulous week on Saturday mornings anymore… but I have a final post to do today!
Thank you to everyone for the kind cards and lovely presents given to me. Thank you for all the wonderful words; I will miss all the children, families and staff at Farsley Farfield. I will keep in touch and you may well find me commenting on blogs, now that I won’t be posting!

This was the view outside my classroom yesterday. I knew it was going to be another ‘strictly’ magical day!

In the afternoon we enjoyed our Festive Fruity Fun party. Thank you to everyone for sending in such a delicious assortment of fruits for the children to use on their fruit kebabs.

After a brilliant party, we all went down to the hall for a Christmas sing a long and Santa came to see us! Back in class, we wished everyone a happy Christmas, and after a ‘strictly’ amazing day…. you can imagine what we all did!

Thank you again for all your kind words, cards and gifts. I wish you all a wonderful holiday, happy Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Best wishes from Mrs Fisher 🙂

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