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This week in Year 2

05/05/2017 at 1:24 PM


This week in Year 2 we have been learning about where chocolate comes from.  We were really surprised when we saw the cacao trees and the cacao pods which were the size of rugby balls!

In English we read the story ‘Some Dogs Do’ by Jez Alborough and watched the ‘Fizzy Lifting Drink’ scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  This inspired us to plan and start to write our own stories about flying.  We will continue these stories next week focusing on editing and improving our writing.

In Maths, we have continued to learn about capacity, focusing on reading and comparing scales.  The children learnt how to read scales going up in different intervals e.g. 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 etc.

In P.E., we have been practising skipping skills.  Children are welcome to bring in their own skipping rope from home to use at playtime. Please make sure these are named.

Have a lovely weekend!


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Melting Chocolate and Designing Cocktails!

28/04/2017 at 1:32 PM


We have had a brilliant time this week learning about capacity, planning our own science investigations and writing newspaper articles.


In Science, we were thinking about the which type of chocolate would be best for Willy Wonka to use when building Prince Pondicherry’s Indian Palace. We planned and carried our own investigation.  The children impressed us with the predictions and conclusions they made.


This week we have been learning how to estimate and measure temperature and capacity.  We enjoyed practical measuring activities as well as problem solving.  We even invented our own recipes for Willy Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Drinks!


In English we have been thinking about the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The children learned how to use direct speech to help explain what a character’s personality is like.


We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.


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Welcome Back!

21/04/2017 at 12:43 PM


We hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. We have been very impressed with how well the children came into school on Tuesday and how enthusiastic and eager they are to learn.
This week we have started to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In English, the children have been thinking about and describing different settings from the story.

The children then designed their own World of Sweets in Art.  We used these designs to inspire their writing.

In Maths, we have continued our work on time. The children have been learning how to sequence different intervals of time and how to solve worded problems on time.

For homework, we have sent home a game to help children practise different intervals of time. Here is the link to support the homework.

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What time is it Year 2?

31/03/2017 at 1:39 PM



This week we have started to learn how to read the time on an analogue clock. We can all now read and write the times: o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have also started to look at time in 5 minute intervals.

Please practise reading the time over the holidays. We will continue to master time on the first week back!


We have really enjoyed the story ‘The Lemur’s Tale’ by Ophelia Redpath. We really enjoyed listening to the story and thinking about the character’s feelings. We wrote in detail from the lemur’s point of view and talked about how his feelings changed throughout the story. We have been really impressed with how the children are now including different features of writing and applying skills independently without prompting! Well done!


We have now finished our Africa topic. We have really enjoyed learning about the differences between Africa and the UK and finished our topic this week by comparing the life of a child living in rural Kenya with our own lives.We wrote some fantastic diary entries.

After the holidays

After the Easter break, we will be starting a new topic based on the Roald Dahl book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It would help if your child was familiar with the story either from reading the book or watching the film.


There is no learning log homework set for over the holidays. Please continue to choose activities from the books we sent out last week, keep up with reading and practising reading the time.

Thank you for your support this term. We hope you all have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you after the holidays.

The Year 2 Team

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Year 2 News

24/03/2017 at 1:52 PM



This week we have been learning lots more about African animals and have been writing our own reports.

We have included:

  • Full sentences
  • Conjunctions
  • Correct punctuation including question marks, exclamation marks, commas and apostrophes
  • Different sentence types

For Example:

  1. Did you know that the female lions hunt the prey but that the male lions get to eat first?
  2. What amazing skills they have!
  3. Never turn your back on an elephant because if you do, they will charge.
  4. Zebras have black and white stripes which confuse predators when they are all running at once.

Can you identify the statement, command, exclamation and question?

The children have done an amazing job, organising their writing into paragraphs using sub-headings and then checking and editing their work.


We have been developing our skills in adding and subtracting two 2-digit numbers this week.

These are the methods we have used:


This is the step before using formal column subtraction and helps children to understand the method. We have used dienes (base 10) to demonstrate adding and subtracting the ones and tens.

Some of the children have practised addition when the ones total more than 10 and subtraction when the smallest number’s ones digit is larger than the bigger number:

Parents Evening Feedback

Thank you for your support at this week’s parents evening. Many of you asked how you could support your child at home, so with that in mind, we have provided every child with their own maths reasoning and reading comprehension practise book. You should receive these today with a supporting letter.


Have a great weekend,

The Year 2 team

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Africa Morning

17/03/2017 at 1:21 PM


This morning, the children in Year 2 were very lucky to take part in three different activities.

Mr Gibson (Emily’s dad) came in to talk to us about the time he spent working on an African game reserve.  He amazed us with his stories and his knowledge of African animals.


The children had great fun learning how to play the African drums with Ms. Howells.

Mr du Preez came in to talk to us about growing up in South Africa and taught us some Africaan. The children loved asking him questions and enjoyed listening to the differences between growing up in Britain and Africa.

Finally, George the tortoise came to visit! The children loved watching him explore his environment.

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our visitors. What an amazing and informative morning we have had!

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