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2F visit the Co-op Farm near Goole.

Monday 13th July | 6 comments

We’ve had a brilliant day today at the Co-op farm near Goole. The children learned about arable farming, the crops that are grown on this farm and the many food items these crops help to produce. As well as exploring the farm, the children also got to make some delicious healthy pizzas. Here are some of the photos from our trip… more will follow in the next couple of days.

6 responses to “2F visit the Co-op Farm near Goole.”

  1. Elliot says:

    I wached the vidio I thohgt the music was a bit Jazy.

  2. Elliot says:

    What a great trip we had.It was realy fun because we learnt about plants, plating plants and making pizza! I was a bit wored that the bus would break down because we cept stopping. From Elliot

  3. Cheryl alfies mama says:

    Looks like a fab day

  4. janefisher says:

    Many thanks to Macey’s, Elizabeth’s and Mile’s Mums for coming on the trip. I’m glad you all enjoyed it. Thanks also to Bradley’s Grandpa for meeting us there. Your help and support really helped to make the day a great success. Thanks, from Mrs Fisher and all 2F. 🙂

  5. Chloe says:

    Another great trip! I was very impressed with all your knowledge about the different crops and what they are used for.
    Miles and I really enjoyed our pizzas, and we shared with Evie too. Well done to everyone who added something new to their pizza to try.

  6. Nadine (Logan & Macey's mum) says:

    Thank you for letting me come with you on your trip to the co-op farm. I have really enjoyed It (even though i got wet). You were all very well behaved and showed Linda your knowledge and interest in the crops.
    I bet you all had pizza for tea tonight didn’t you?…..doesn’t food taste better when you make it yourself?
    Brilliant, well done 2F

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