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Melting Chocolate and Designing Cocktails!

Friday 28th April | 8 comments

We have had a brilliant time this week learning about capacity, planning our own science investigations and writing newspaper articles.


In Science, we were thinking about the which type of chocolate would be best for Willy Wonka to use when building Prince Pondicherry’s Indian Palace. We planned and carried our own investigation.  The children impressed us with the predictions and conclusions they made.


This week we have been learning how to estimate and measure temperature and capacity.  We enjoyed practical measuring activities as well as problem solving.  We even invented our own recipes for Willy Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Drinks!


In English we have been thinking about the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The children learned how to use direct speech to help explain what a character’s personality is like.


We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.


8 responses to “Melting Chocolate and Designing Cocktails!”

  1. Sam (Charlie's Dad) says:

    What a really interesting week. Charlie told me about the results of the melting experiment and I was quite surprised to find out that the milk chocolate took the longest to melt. I am impressed you all managed to resist eating the chocolate!

    • mrsloveridge says:

      I’m glad Charlie has enjoyed this work. We were surprised that the milk chocolate took the longest to melt too!

  2. Mr Pickering says:

    Hello year two, I’m Mr Pickering, one of the school governors. That sounds like great fun, and Charlie and the chocolate factory is a great book I think! Well done for conducting lots of interesting experiments!

  3. Anna says:

    Olivia has really enjoyed this week at school. She came home excited to tell us and the fizzy drink her hive had made in Maths, and melting chocolate in science! It’s lovely to hear and see children doing lots of practical!

  4. Lillie's mum says:

    Chocolate and cocktails sounds like my perfect week! What a fun way to learn.

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