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Sunday 27th September | No comments yet

In year 1 the children adopted some trees and visited them through out the year, observing the changes in each season. In year 2 we will continue to visit these trees and each class has adopted another 3 trees.

Here are the children in 2C with their trees when they were in 1S.

Here the children are with their trees and their newly adopted trees in 2C.

Here are the children in 2F with their trees when they were in 1GJ, last November.

Now see us with our trees and our newly adopted trees.

Can you spot the changes? Can you identify our new trees?

In 2F we printed out pictures of our trees over the year, taken in 1GJ and also the pictures from our latest visit. With a partner we put the pictures in order, thinking about the clues to the changing seasons. We were very proud of our finished posters.

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