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Friday 27th April | No comments yet

We have had another busy week in year 2.

In English, we have been focusing on describing characters from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We looked at the character of Charlie bucket and collected words and phrases that we could use to describe his personality and how he looks. Children then used these ideas to write a character description.  We really enjoyed getting into character as Veruca Salt! Children had conversations in role as Veruca and her father. We then wrote speech sentences.

“I want a golden ticket now!” screamed Veruca loudly.

Next, we wrote a character description for Veruca. The children have really impressed us with their language choice and their sentence structure.

Next week we will be developing our own stories and hope that children will be able to incorporate their descriptive writing skills into these.

In maths we have continued our work on time. Children have used their knowledge of time to solve problems. We found this quite tricky!


As homework, we would like you to play this game. A sheet has also been sent home. https://nrich.maths.org/6071

We conducted a science investigation this week to find out which type of chocolate would be best for making a chocolate palace. We discussed how we could use the equipment to plan a fair test. Children thought carefully about what they would need to measure. We made predictions, carried out our investigation and then made a conclusion.

There is a new learning log task this week. Have fun finding out about this symbol!


Well done to 2Lo for achieving their extreme reading target. They had a great time at the play park for their treat!


We will start our SRE topic next week with lesson 1.

Have a great weekend,

from the Year 2 team.



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