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I use words that make others feel good.

Saturday 30th November | 2 comments

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‘I use words that others feel good,’ is the new Ethos Statement for next week. It builds on to the learning that we have done in the last few weeks about making our school a ‘Bully Free Zone’ and about using actions that show we care.

The show that we are doing for Christmas is the story of a stable boy called James who is always being shouted at and called names. But Mary smiles kindly at him and thanks him for cleaning up the stable. We learn how this small act of kindness and these few words help to make James believe in himself.

Here is the video we will watch and then we will talk about what other words we can use to make others feel happier.

2 responses to “I use words that make others feel good.”

  1. Olivia says:

    This video is so good that every time I go on mums IPad I watch it

  2. Eva says:

    I like this video because if anyone watches it, it will tell them to say sorry if they accidentally do something. This is important becuase if you don’t say sorry the other person will feel even more upset.

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