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2LO’s Fantastic Day at Thackray Medical Museum

Tuesday 18th September | 8 comments

What a brilliant day we have had today learning about Florence Nightingale’s life and about how she changed the face of nursing.  The children were brilliant: well behaved, polite and very enthusiastic to learn!

First, we explored the gallery and learnt some interesting facts about the human body – most children liked learning about how their food was digested the most!

After lunch, we learnt how Florence Nightingale changed nursing by cleaning up the hospitals. We had to look closely at, and sort lots of different artefacts into whether we thought they belonged in hospitals before or after Florence Nightingale arrived in Scutari Hospital. There were lots of very stinky smells from the dirty hospitals!


Finally we pretended to visit Scutari Hospital in Turkey. The boys were porters and the girls were nurses.  When we were at Scutari Hospital, we had to scrub the walls, clean the bandages and nurse the wounded soldiers.

8 responses to “2LO’s Fantastic Day at Thackray Medical Museum”

  1. Mairi Beaton says:

    The first thing Finnan told me about the trip was that girls weren’t allowed to show their wrists or ankles, and if they did so it was rude. Thank goodness times have changed!

  2. mrsloveridge says:

    The children in 2LO say, “We really enjoyed the school trip!”

  3. Alison Lewis Thornton says:

    Thank you, Patrick had a fantastic time and has been telling us all about it.

  4. Joanne Adey says:

    Jackson had a lovely day, and particularly enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale cleaning up Hospitals. It’s was good to see everyone having fun at lunch time 🙂

  5. Mehnaz Begum says:

    Great first trip. Ayah has really enjoyed herself today and telling us all about what she has learnt

  6. Helen Massanet-Nicolau says:

    Emilia had a fantastic day and learnt lots about Florence Nightingale.

  7. David Wilkinson says:

    Looks like an amazing day.

  8. Sally Lightfoot says:

    Fantastic trip. Such a credit to the school, so well behaved. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Looking forward to the next one.

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