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2LS Art Work.

Friday 16th November | 5 comments

The children looked at some paintings that they will see at the Art Gallery.( Clare Woods- Daddy Witch, Terry Frost -High Yellow, Ben Nicholson – Painting 1840) They used ideas from these paintings to inspire them in their own art work.They chose whether to to use pastel, paint or pencils.

5 responses to “2LS Art Work.”

  1. husain says:

    im lovin it lol

  2. Hannah says:

    I think we have done fantastic art work 2LS

  3. janefisher says:

    2LS I think your art work is fantastic and I’m sure you will have a wonderful day at the Art Gallery today.

  4. Peter Harris says:

    Fabulous pictures 2LS! My favourite was the one with all the blues after about 30 seconds of the presentation. It reminded me of a famous artist called Picasso!

  5. Faye Q says:

    I really enjoyed doing our pictures.

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