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5D visit our Cardboard Arcade!

Tuesday 25th June | 47 comments

Today we had a visit from 5D. It was brilliant to share our games with them and they all seemed to have a lot of fun. Now that over 200 children from Reception to Year 6 have played our games, we are taking them home to play with our families! However, our homework is all about games…. so maybe there will be some more new games coming to our classroom! We are also now having a go at designing computer games in our ICT session. We will post our Computer games soon!

47 responses to “5D visit our Cardboard Arcade!”

  1. charlie D says:

    I really enjoyed the games they wur epic

  2. Summer Bruce says:

    To 2f
    thank you for inviting us to play your fantastic games.I liked them alot.

  3. luke p/captain kirk says:

    I loved your games they were realy fun it’s amazing waht you can do with recucled stuff! thank you for inviting us!!!!!

  4. Abigail Cousins says:

    It was absolutely great! What a great way to learn Maths! Thank you for inviting us over.

  5. Abigail Watson says:

    Dear 2F

    I really enjoyed playing your fantastic games. Some of them were very confusing, but I think your children helped me with my maths. Thanks for inviting us to your brilliant archade, I enjoyed it allot.

    Try, try try again!

  6. alex says:

    to 2f
    Thankyou for inviting i like the games they fun.

  7. Chloe Parle says:

    Thank you for letting me play your games and I really enjoyed it .

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