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A Time Machine in 2H!

Friday 16th January | 4 comments

In numeracy this week, we have been learning all about 3D shapes. The children have been completing activities to help them visualise and describe 3D shapes.

One of the challenges the children were set was to make a 3D shape out of straws and blu tak. The straws represented the number of sides each shape has and the blu tak showed the number of corners.

The children were then challenged to spot the 2D shapes that they could see on the faces of 3D shapes. They had to shine a torch on the face and then look at the shadow to see if they recognised the shape.

In literacy, we have welcomed a time machine into our classroom. Each day an alarm rings on the machine which means something new has been delivered from the past! So far we have had a toasting fork, a Brownie Box camera, a Gramophone and a record! The items are all displayed at the front of the classroom as well as some of the items that have been kindly lent to us for our topic.

We have also been reading historical non fiction texts. We have looked at why we read these books and what features we find in them. The children have designed their own Glossary of terms for an information book about cameras, and have also written an email to someone explaining what a Gramophone is and how it compares to what we use now to listen to music.

In science, the children tested the ideas developed last week concerning how to get water out of a cup without pouring it out or drinking it. The two methods that enabled the children to empty the cups were using sponge and paper to soak the water up. A couple of groups realised that they had to squeeze the sponge to clear the water so that it could soak up more water from the cup. We all decided that sponge is more durable than paper which is why we use sponge, not paper, to clean things!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Hutchinson

4 responses to “A Time Machine in 2H!”

  1. Ellen (Erin's & Rhys mum) says:

    Rhys favourite but was making the 3D shapes. He thought it was quite tricky but enjoyed doing it with his friends and using the torches.

  2. Lucas's mum says:

    Lucas has enjoyed learning all the new things this week he has told me he wants to be a scientist when he grows up because it is interesting.He enjoyed the water activity best he explained it in great detail.

  3. Katie Gilhooley says:

    Katie loves the science lessons and has really enjoyed the time machine.

    She has decided to call the gramophone a ‘Grandmaphone’ as she thinks it’s as old as Grandma.

    I won’t be mentioning that to my mother…

  4. peterharris says:

    It looks like life in 2H is great fun and that you are learning so much! Keep up the great efforts 2H!

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