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A great week in 2LS

Saturday 13th October | No comments yet

We have had another lovely week in 2LS.  The children are working extremely hard and are really impressing us with their attitudes and ability.

In Maths we have been working on multiplication facts for the 2x table and realising that x2 is the same as doubling.  Knowing 2x facts is an important target for children in Year 2.   This week we also had great fun working with 2d shapes. The children learnt about the properties of different shapes and made lots of irregular shapes as well as regular ones.  We played guessing games, made shapes on pinboards and made shapes in the playground using long loops of string with children as the corners of the shapes.  We also started some work on 3d shapes that we will be continuing next week.

In Literacy, we have started our new unit of work on poetry ‘Patterns on a Page’.  We have linked this to our work on senses and the children have been trying to describe how an emotion feels, looks, smells, sounds and tastes.  The children were bubbling with ideas and are very excited about this work.  This excitement was taken to a new level when I told them that we are going to enter their work into a national poetry competition!  Next week we are going to be describing how autumn feels, looks, smells, sounds and tastes (this will be the competition piece). We are going to be using similes to help describe autumn.

In topic we have been exploring the sense of sight and thinking about we use the other senses to help us when we cannot use our sense of sight.  The children enjoyed completing a range of activities with a blindfold on, including blind drawing, writing, feeling faces and textured pictures and going on a blind walk.  Another investigation which the children did blind folded was to see if they could identify different tastes – the results proved to be very interesting with some children thinking that potato was cucumber and apple was celery!

All the children had a great time at the Harvest Festival, and if you managed to make it we hope you enjoyed it too. 

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