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A Jolly week in Year 2!

Friday 4th December | 3 comments


This week we have been writing letters and diaries. We read The Jolly Postman and enjoyed retelling the story and sequencing the postman’s journey. We also wrote a diary entry for the postman’s busy day.

We then thought about who else he might deliver a letter to and we decided to write letters to the little pigs from a builder. Children used what they knew about the story of the three little pigs to write their letters.

Finally, today we wrote letters to Santa. We thought the children might like to bring these home to send! Please check book bags to find your child’s letter. This is a great example of their independent writing; a few main spellings were given and we discussed what to include. We talked about how to write detailed expanded noun phrases:

a bike is an example of a noun phrase

a blue, shiny bike without stabilisers is an example of an expanded noun phrase.

We also asked the children to include a question in their letter and also write a sentence to say what they have been doing to be good!

We hope you (and Santa) enjoy reading them!


We spend a lot of time in school learning spellings. Every week we focus on a few common exception words and we learn spellings based on a particular spelling pattern. This week we have been learning words with the soft c sound. We send a letter every Monday with the spellings we are learning. Please find some time to look at these at home. There is so much to remember and children are finding it difficult to apply these spellings in their writing.

This is the letter for this week:


This week we have continued with our money work. Children have been solving lots of money problems and working out how to make the same amount using different coins. Next week, we will be finishing this topic and starting our new topic on Multiplication.



In our geography lesson, we found out about a place called Churchill in Canada. People visit Churchill to see polar bears in the wild.  We created posters in groups to show what we had learned.


  • Please can children wear their Christmas jumpers (or festive colours) next Thursday 10th December.
  • We had a lot of soggy feet today; please can children have a spare pair of socks in their bags.
  • There are lots of festive PTA events planned; please check emails for more details.

3 responses to “A Jolly week in Year 2!”

  1. Frederike's mum says:

    Thanks for the spelling list on here 🙂

  2. Mairi says:

    Cate’s Christmas list gets longer each time she writes one! Very funny to read though, particularly as she reckons she has been a good girl because she tried eggs

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