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A message from the Farsley Witch!

Tuesday 23rd October | 2 comments

This morning this letter and the pumpkin were mysteriously left outside the front entrance of the infant school. You can imagine how we felt when we read that it was from the fearsome, frightening Farsley Witch! She said she was very jealous of our pirate poems and told us we had to write some witch poems…..or else!!!

At playtime some of the children were convinced they could see a broomstick on the roof of the junior building, and there seemed to be a strange dark shadow moving in the trees across the field… We decided we better start work straight away, so we shared our ideas and chose some children who could pretend to be witches and wizards so we could do some hot seating and ask them about what they could see, smell, taste, hear and feel.

With our ideas on our planner we began to say our poems, so we could hear what they sounded like before we write them up for the witch to read. We thought we better post a couple, so the witch knows we are getting on with our work and that we can promise her some great poems before Halloween!

Witch poem by Liam

Witch poem by Chloe


2 responses to “A message from the Farsley Witch!”

  1. wilkina11 says:


    Like Mr Mee, I also enjoyed listening to your spooky Halloween poetry.

    Powerful witches and wizards like you often have a hat full of magic spells? Do you have one for tidying up a messy classroom? Could you help me?


    Mr Wilkinson

  2. John Mee says:

    Well done Liam and Chloe.

    I enjoyed hearing your witcherty wizardy ideas. OOOOOHHHHH! WWWWWOOOOO! AAAAAGHHHHH!

    I’d love to see your poems when you have finished them.

    John Mee

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