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A Polar Adventure in Year 2!

Friday 29th November | 2 comments

This week we have used drama, stories and information texts to find out more about Polar lands and the animals that live there.

We began our English lessons this week by going on a Polar adventure. Through drama, the children thought about what to pack, how to travel and what they would see on their journey to the Arctic. When we arrived we found a penguin who was clearly a long way home. The children thought of different solutions, eventually deciding that we would take the lost penguin home back to Antarctica!

2LA enjoyed catching fish, riding on a sledge pulled by huskies and phoning the South Pole!

2LO enjoyed steering the ship, exploring the Arctic, discovering the lost penguin and thinking of ways to get it home.

Next we used the story Poles Apart to inspire our writing. This story tells a similar tale to our drama of penguins lost in the North Pole. Luckily they meet a friendly polar bear called Mr White, who was willing to take them on a journey back to their home. The children wrote wonderful postcards from Mr White’s point of view which detailed their journey from the Arctic to Antarctica and the countries they visited on the way.

In our geography lesson, we found out about some of the animals that live in polar regions and how they have adapted to live there. The children researched the different animals to find out if they lived in the Arctic or Antarctica.

Money, Money, Money!

In maths this week we have been busy making different amounts of money using coins and notes. The children have explored making the same amount of money in different ways, have investigated if they can make amounts using 2, 3 or 4 coins and have chosen the fewest amount of coins needed to pay. Please spend some time this weekend playing shops and using real money to pay. Next week we will move onto giving change.


We are really enjoying our GymMagic sessions. Here are children from 2LO:

Christmas Performance

Please can children learn their lines and the songs ready for our rehearsals next week. The rehearsals will go much more smoothly if children can already say their lines clearly and loudly. Thank you in advance.

2 responses to “A Polar Adventure in Year 2!”

  1. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    Annie enjoyed telling me about your adventure to the Arctic. I hope you managed to help the penguin home!

  2. Nicola Rosalind’s Mum says:

    Rosalind has really enjoyed going to gym magic!

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