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Another busy week in Year 2!

Friday 4th October | 1 comment


This week we have learned about another famous nurse from Victorian times, Mary Seacole. Like Florence Nightingale, Mary also helped the British soldiers in the Crimean War. Children learned about her life and played a game to answer questions. The children also compared her to Florence Nightingale and sorted statements about their lives and work.

Here we are engrossed in our activities and discussions!


We were so impressed with the children’s alternative versions of The Little Red Hen. They had such lovely ideas and were so enthusiastic about their writing. Building up writing stamina is something we usually work on in Year 2 but the children already seem to have this!

After writing our stories, we moved on to instructional writing. We gave precise instructions for an adult to follow to make a jam sandwich. The children learned more about using imperative (bossy) verbs to write command sentences. E.g Cut the bread in half. We ordered sections of a set of instructions and then had a go at writing our own.


In maths this week we have been counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. The children have been completing sequencing and reasoning activities to show what they have learned. Here we have written some of our own sequences, counting in tens from any number:

Here are some links to songs and activities:



We had a great time in PE developing our speed, agility and quickness.

There is a new learning log challenge linked to our work in English this week. We look forward to reading your healthy recipes!

One response to “Another busy week in Year 2!”

  1. Rauf says:

    Imaan seems to be enjoying year 2, she’s loved the history topic and P.E sessions

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