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Another super week in Year 2

Friday 29th March | 3 comments

This week, we have enjoyed lots of different activities to finish our topic on Africa. The children have loved finding out about this amazing continent and yesterday it was brought to life by some visitors who talked about their own first hand experiences of Africa.

Africa Morning

We were very lucky to be able to welcome Dan duPreez (Lilith’s Dad), Robin Dalton (Nell and Emily’s dad) and Mr and Mrs Ismail (Aaryan’s Grandparents) into school.

We really enjoyed learning about African animals with Robin, who had spent time on an African game reserve in Namibia. He told us lots of amazing animal facts. We learned the differences between white and black rhinos. We also found out the names for groups of different animals e.g. a dazzle of zebras and a tower of giraffes. We also had a go a ‘pronking’ like a springbok!

We asked lots of questions to Lilith’s dad about his experiences growing up in South Africa. We learned how to count to ten in Afrikaans and some other words. The children were fascinated by stories about lizards in swimming pools and cobras in toy boxes!

As we have been learning about the country of Kenya, it was great to have Aaryan’s grandparents in to tell us more about Kenya and show us some pictures and objects. We looked at some currency and listened to some songs from Africa. Can you guess what this strange object is? Some of the suggestions from children included: a piece of wood, a vegetable, a sausage and a weapon!

We also had a visit from George the Tortoise!

A big thank you to all our visitors!


We continued our sessions with Maggie on invasion games. The children learned how to play ‘hoop ball’, passing the ball between their team to score a point if they passed to the person in their hoop.

In art this week, the children have created some beautiful African silhouette sunsets.

Thank you for all your support this half term.  The children have really enjoyed the topics this half term and have been incredibly successful in their learning.  We look forward to another enjoyable half term in Summer 1.

The children will be bringing home a pack of activities to work through over the holidays.  We wish you a safe and happy holiday.

The Year 2 Team

3 responses to “Another super week in Year 2”

  1. Helen Massanet-Nicolau says:

    Emilia really enjoyed this topic. She can’t wait to show me, and the rest of our family, how to do a silhouette painting!

  2. Amrit says:

    Sophia has found a passion for Africa and African animals. That’s all we talk and read about at home!
    What a fantastic week.

  3. Netti Cairns says:

    Thank you for another fantastic half term. Molly has loved learning all about Africa and can’t wait to visit our family in Zambia. Have a great break!

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