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Busy Bees!

Friday 13th September | 4 comments

We have learned all about honey bees this week and we had a special visit from Keith, the Bee Keeper.

He came to visit us wearing his special bee keeping outfit and explained how it keeps bee keepers safe. We even got to try on the long gloves and some bee keeping suits! It was funny looking out through the netting. Keith showed us his smoker and the other tools he uses. He brought in part of a bee hive and showed us a real honey comb which he had collected the day before from his bees. It filled our classroom with a glorious sweet smell.

We had written a long list of questions to ask Keith and he answered them all, so now we know lots of facts about the honey bee. Keith stayed to enjoy some delicious toast and honey with us.

After such a wonderful time with Keith we all wanted to write him a ‘Thank you’ letter to tell him about some of the facts we had learned.


4 responses to “Busy Bees!”

  1. Eva Morecroft says:

    This looks very interesting, looks like 2F have been busy bees themselves this week!

  2. wilkina11 says:

    WOW! You know so much about bees. You have clearly been flexing your ‘Be a Great Learner’ muscles this week. Being an expert on a subject is a special thing, and it looks as though with the help of Mrs Fisher and Keith you are all becoming experts on bees. I shall be sharing your knowledge with 6W this week. BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ 🙂
    Mr Wilkinson

  3. K Chaudhari says:

    Eva’s had great fun learning about bees and has been drawing some at home. We used the following link to help her label her bee…


    • janefisher says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad that Eva has enjoyed learning about bees, she has done some lovely work at school. Thank you for that brilliant link. She will be a real bee expert now! From Mrs Fisher 🙂

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