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Chicken Nugget Maths!

Saturday 4th May | 1 comment

We have really stretch our brains working on this Chicken Nugget Maths problem. We only watched the first 44 seconds of the video and then we were set the challenge to find out which numbers of Chicken Nuggets you can’t buy with packets of 6,9,or 20 nuggets.

It was a tricky puzzle to solve but everyone put in 10+effort and some children even spent their lunchtime continuing to try and solve it. The next day we came back and watched to 1.30 so that we knew there were 22 numbers that we wouldn’t be able to make. Half way through the 2nd session when some of the children had solved the puzzle we watched to the end of the video.

Some of the children then went on to see what happened when they added the pack of 4 to the choices of what they could buy and others began to work out how they could buy larger numbers of nuggets to prove that 43 really was the largest number that you can’t buy with this combination of boxes. Why don’t you challenge your family with the puzzle or show them how you solved it!

If you enjoyed this puzzle click HERE to find more from the Sparky website.


One response to “Chicken Nugget Maths!”

  1. Polly says:

    I have solved Chicken nuggets maths and I got special mention.

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