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Come to school Bear By Chloe.

Wednesday 10th October | 1 comment

Bear belonged to Chloe, she was an old  Bear which rattled because she had a ball   inside her tummy with a little ball inside the bigger ball . She was the most special thing in the world  to Chloe. She had a pink,love heart in the middle and chequard shoes. Chloe  loved Bear she was her very own Bear . Chloe had her since she was a baby that was why she was dirty with a bit of pen on the back of  Bears’ tummy.Bear was up to mischeef at night. Then  the teacher tuck a photo of all the Bears at night then the teacher put the photo on the computer and photos of mrs Fishers’ Bear for the children to have a look at for when the children arived at school. It was 1 hour intill the chilldren were in the class room the teacher could not wait till the chilldren were in Mrs Fishers class.

Bear had a dark bobble hat at the top of her head.  Bear  had  to watch Chloe work all day  Bear found it boring watching Chloe paint,draw ,do some sums , do take aways , makeing a rainbow,do some maths,do some literacy,do,art  at school.Next all of  the chilldren arived at school it was a dizaster because Bear  did some sums’,takeaways,draw a rainbow. And she left a note to Mrs Fisher saying bear loved to seeing your classroom again.

Finaly  the chilldren were at school then the teacher showed them the photos of paddy bear at night. The teacher showed the chilldren the photos of their bears they realy enjoyed the photos.. One was singin a song with Alices micaphone. Mandvile and wenlock were playing shops with eachother they looked like they thought it was fun. Izzy’s cat was doing some sums with Bear on the whiteboard!

Chloe went over to her Bear and picked her up. Bear smiled her secret little smile and said to Chloe, “I missed you Chloe.” Chloe replied, ” I missed you too, I’m so glad to see you!”



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  1. Karen Watson says:

    The blind paintings are amazing

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