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Come to School Iggy and Shie ! by Polly

Friday 12th October | 3 comments

Iggy and  Shie   belonged  to   Polly. Iggy and  Shie went to school  with  Polly.   Polly did a painting with her  frenid  Izzy. Polly asked   Meghan   if    she   would    do  a     jigsaw  with Polly   .

At   the   end    off    the       day  Polly     went  home.   Polly   left  Iggy  and  Shie  at   school.   When  Iggy    and     Shie     were    left     they    started    to    play,   they   did   a     painting   and     a     jigsaw  ,   some      maths     and     found     a        pilow       and      laid    on     it.

The    next     day    Polly    went     back     to     school     it    was   a    mess   Polly   kneeled     by     Iggy     and   Shie     and    said,    ” I   know    it     was    you!”

3 responses to “Come to School Iggy and Shie ! by Polly”

  1. pb9683 says:

    It is the name.

  2. Chloe says:

    your poem was superb but what dose shie say.

  3. chloe says:

    I think your poem was super but what dose this word say shie that is why it dose not make skence. But a parkt from that its GOOD [Chloe].

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