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Come to school to, Sparkle ! by Alice

Friday 12th October | 1 comment

Sparkle belonged to Alice. She had a beautiful pink stripy horn.  Her eyes glow in the dark. She also has  multi-coloured  hair and tail.

One day Alice had to go to school. She asked Sparkle “Can you come too?”  and she smiled her secret   beautiful gorgeous smile.Then they went to school. When they arived at school their teacher said “Hello Alice” and Alice said “Hello!” back.

 Alice put Sparkle on the side and then did some maths,writing, choosing and playtime out side. After play time they had milk and fruitn it was lunch and  Ict. Then Alice went home and forgot her teddy!

The next dayat school Alice found Sparkle in the reading corner. The classroom was a mess, but Alice had an idea that she knew what magical things had been happening that night! Alice whispered to Sparkle, ” I know it was you, Sparkle!”

Written by ALice, checked by Alice and Polly, and finished with a little help. 


One response to “Come to school to, Sparkle ! by Alice”

  1. emmacc says:

    Oh Sparkle! I think you sound very beautiful with your gorgeous eyes and your pink stripy horn. It sounds as if you had a lot of fun when you were left behind. Perhaps you’d like to be left behind again! If only Blue Kangaroo could meet you!

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