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Come to school too, 2F!

Monday 1st October | 2 comments

We have had another fantastic week in 2F.

In Literacy this week we brought in our own soft toys and teddies because we have started to write our own stories, based on Emma Chichester Clark’s story, Come to school too, Blue Kangaroo. We wrote about our characters, using adjectives to describe them, and thought about the classroom as a setting for the story. We compared our bright and colourful classroom, with what it must be like at night when it is cold and dark.

 In Numeracy we have explored odd and even numbers and looked at how we can write numbers as words. We learned how to play some games in the playground – real Mathletics, playing games to sort odd and even numbers, use the more than and less than symbols, count and explore tens and units. Lots of us also achieved a Bronze award on Mathletics and we have had some amazingly high scores. Ben has been our Mathlete of the week, with a huge score exceeding 15,000 points!

 In our Creative Curriculum lessons we thought about how we are all similar in some ways, but unique in other ways. We also looked at the proportions of the human face and practised drawing our own portraits.

 Next week promises to be another exciting week, with our trip to Eureka on Wednesday and the Learning Logs due back by the end of the week.

Well done to Ekam and Bavandeep for being our Stars of the Week. They have shown an excellent attitude towards their work all week and have really done their best.

Come to school too, Paddy Bear.

2 responses to “Come to school too, 2F!”

  1. Emma Chichester Clark says:

    WOW! Paddy Bear and Mrs Fisher – what a brilliant book! First of all I’d like to say how very handsome and distinguished Mr Paddy Bear is. He looks like a well-loved fellow, and how lucky he was to find himself in a school where everyone looked after him so well. He had no need to be nervous at all because everyone was so kind to him.

    I loved the pictures of all the children bringing their toys in to school. The toys were all so different and interesting and they looked as if they were behaving very well when the children were giving them their fruit- and then the fantastic pictures of the toys playing after the children had gone home…! How clever of Mrs Fisher to get those photos! Normally, toys don’t let people see them moving around by themselves, they usually only play with each other when no one is there, so that was a real scoop! It was amazing to see the gruffalo playing the ukulele and the unicorn playing with the dinosaurs! I wonder if I could teach Blue Kangaroo to play a ukulele?

    I bet the toys were tired after all that but I’m not sure they really would have stayed on the cupboard after Mrs Fisher went home! I bet they got up again and had another little party. They are very lucky toys to be able to have so much fun with each other and to go to such a fantastic school. It looks like the best school ever to me!

  2. emmacc says:

    WOW! Mrs Fisher and Paddy Bear! What an amazing story that is. I love it. I love the pictures so much. How clever to have actually caught the toys when they were in the middle of playing in the classroom. Usually, they only do it when nobody is there. That was a real scoop! I really liked the pictures of the children coming to school with their toys – they are all so different and interesting, and I loved the pictures of the toys playing, especially the Gruffalo playing the ukulele. I wonder if Blue Kangaroo could learn? How lucky Paddy Bear was to go and spend a day in such a nice school where everyone looked after him so well. He didn’t need to be nervous at all, did he? It looks like the best school ever!

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