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Come to school too,Baby Pom.by Amalia

Thursday 4th October | 12 comments

Baby pom belonged to Amalia. Baby Pom was a little bit old because Amalia had her when she was a baby.Baby Pom has got pink and green stripes and has a dark magical green nose.She has two shiny glittery eyes. Amalia said to her , “Will you come too Baby Pom?” Baby Pom smiled  in her magical way.

So the next day Amalia went to school with Baby Pom.The teacher was called Mrs Fisher. Mrs Fisher said,”Amalia,Do you want to put her with the other bears?”

“Yes!” said Amalia. So Baby Pom watched Amalia do her work.Then Amalia went home and forgot Baby Pom at school.Some other children forgot their toys too. Baby Pom and all the other toy’s all became magical.

After school  Mrs Fisher  went to a meeting.When Mrs Fisher came back she saw a few of them were on Mathletics. Some of others went to play with the dolls. Two of them were doing their  number bonds to 30.Three of them went on the listening machine.

In the morning Amalia came to school, and Mrs Fisher showed the children the bears. They were all fast asleep in the reading corner! Mrs Fisher showed the children some photos of the bears and what they were doing when she had come back from her meeting!

After they saw the photos they went to their tables and Amalia saw Baby Pom asleep with the others. She tip toed over to Baby Pom and said, ” IT  WAS YOU, BABY POM!”  and Baby Pom smiled her magical secret smile.

By Amalia, with a little bit of help at the end from her friends in 2F!

12 responses to “Come to school too,Baby Pom.by Amalia”

  1. Sarah says:

    Great story Amalia, I loved the part when all the toys were playing on mathletics! Well done and keep up the good work.

  2. Callum says:

    What a fabulous story! Eveyone should have a teddy like baby pom.

  3. Callum says:

    What a fabulous story! Everyone should have a bear like baby Pom. 🙂

  4. Nancy says:

    I am in year six and I don’t think I could write a story as good as that. Well done! Keep on writing story’s. 🙂

  5. janefisher says:

    Thank you 6W, Amalia has corrected her spelling! She really appreciated your feedback. 🙂

  6. Grace says:

    WOW Amalia! That was absolutely amazing – you are an amazing year 2 writer!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. wilkina11 says:

    WOW Amalia, we loved your story. It was awesome! You are a great creative writer for year two. We really liked the part when the toys were on the computer playing mathletics. Next time you spell machine spell it like this. Carry on the good work – we will keep checking your class blog. 6W.

  8. Peter Harris says:

    A terrific story Amalia. You are a great writer in Year 2. I thought that Baby Pom might be worried being left at school but it didn’t seem that way! Well done.

  9. Abigail says:

    Hello Amalia
    This is a picture of me and my Hunny Bunny.I’m going to take her to school today if my mummy will let me.
    From Abigail

  10. emmacc says:

    I loved your story about Baby Pom, Amalia. I especially loved the descriptions of his appearance- his magical green nose and glittery eyes. It was such a good idea to have him playing with the other toys and I’m glad that they were photographed because grown ups never believe that toys play at night but now they’ll have to! Thank you for letting me read it.

  11. Emma Chichester Clark says:

    I really enjoyed your story Amalia. I loved the description of Baby Pom – the magical green nose and glittery eyes. It was such a good idea to get the other toys to join in. I’m glad that there were some photographs of them because grown ups don’t usually believe that toys play at night, so now they know! They really do!

  12. Mrs Lambert says:

    Hi Amalia and 2F
    I have just finished reading your story to my grand-daughter Abigail. Abigail loved your story. She is 4 years old and thinks her teddy is the most magical teddy in the world. Abigail’s teddy is called Hunny Bunny and she came all the way from America.
    Abigail has just started Reception class at a school near Leeds and is going to ask her teachers if they can have a ‘bring your teddy to school’ day (and I think she wants to read Hunny Bunny a bedtime story too – she says she wants to wear her jim jams to school one day).
    Thank you for sharing your blog with Abi and me. Keep blogging.
    Mrs Lambert x

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