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Come to school too,Build A Bear.by Elliot!

Friday 12th October | 1 comment

Build A Bear belonged to Elliot.He was quite new. He had a buzz costume and a black darth vader costume at home.He was £45.Elliot got him for his last birthday because he had a little bit of money left over.

One day Elliot told Build a Bear he was going to school.”Will you come too, Build a Bear?”Build a Bear thought”YES!”

When  it was time to go to school Build a Bear was very exited about school. He did not expect other toys,  he thought it might be the best day of his LIFE!

Elliot put Build a Bear on the windowsill.Build a Bear watched Elliot work.He thought”I wish I could join in!”

When it was home time.Elliot had such an exicing  day he forgot Build a Bear.Build a Bear thought “NOW!”I can do everthing that Ellot did!”

Build A Bear did some maths,played with the till at the shopping centre then fell a sleep in the reading corner.When Mrs Fisher came in she was amazed at the sums on the board.

In the morning Elliot came to school ealy he could`t find Build a Bear.Then realised there were sums on board.When he found his bear. he said “it was you build a Bear!” Build A Bear just smiled his secret smile, but elliot knew what magic had happened that night in the classroom.

One response to “Come to school too,Build A Bear.by Elliot!”

  1. emmacc says:

    Clever old Build A Bear! I love the idea of his Darth Vader costume. I’m very impressed that he knew it was going to be the BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE! I hope he has done lots of sums since then!

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