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Come to school too,Mickey Mouse ! by Honey

Friday 12th October | No comments yet

Mickey Mouse  was not  old.  He was  not that furry. He was red, black,  peach and he has black ears. Honey took her Mickey Mouse to school but at the end of the day she forgot to bring him home.

Honeys teddy made friends with Ambers teddy, then  thay went on the computer and they went on test then they went to the book corne and read one of the Blue kangaroo book s. They put sum headfouns on to listen to the Blue kangaroo books. then  they went to sleep.

 In the morning  Mis fisher could not belleiue  her eyes!  it was a  mess !Mirs fisher was cross. Honey smiled and went to speak to Mickey Mouse, “I know what’s happened! It was you, Mickey!” said Honey. Mickey just smiled his secret smile.

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