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Finding our way or weigh in Year 2!

Friday 15th June | No comments yet

What another incredibly busy and enjoyable week we have had in Year 2 this week.!

Mass in Maths!

This week in Maths the children have been learning all about mass. We have been using balance scales to find the mass of different objects, reading scales which have different increments, comparing different masses and looking at the difference between different masses.

Map reading and orienteering

We have enjoyed exploring our grounds again this week, this time using maps of the farm to locate different places.

Fabulous Writing

The children have written their own fictional reports all about bog babies. They have amazed us with the detail they have included and their imagination. All the children have made super progress in their writing this year. We are very proud of them!

Learning Log- Friday 15th June

Can you make a map showing a short journey?

For example from your house to school. Your map should have a key to explain what things are e.g. my house, school, roads, shop. You could also write directions to go with your map.

To be handed in Wednesday 27th June

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