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Fizzy Fun in Year 2!

Friday 3rd May | 3 comments

This week we were inspired by the ‘fizzy lifting drink’ chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

In English we have planned and written our own stories about flying. We used drama to develop vocabulary and story structure. Our final stories are superb!

In maths, as well as further work on time, we started learning about capacity. We estimated and measured the capacity of different containers, learning how to read a scale and measure in millilitres and litres.

We then decided to create our own fizzy lifting drinks! We carefully measured out different amounts of fruit flavoured cordial and fizzy water. It was delicious!

Can you practise measuring out different amounts of liquids in ml at home? 

On Wednesday we had great fun learning new cricket skills.

This game was called ‘tidy the room!’

Thank you for the fantastic learning log work on Fairtrade. The children enjoyed learning more about what this means. They acted out working on farms and then being paid for their work. Some of them were paid a fair price and others weren’t. Next week we will find out more about how chocolate is made!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

The Year 2 Team

3 responses to “Fizzy Fun in Year 2!”

  1. Mairi Beaton says:

    I asked Finnan about learning fairtrade in school and how it compared with learning at home… he said it was easier in school. When I asked why, apparently I wasn’t any good as I didn’t have ‘teacher’ in my name! Oh well, I know my place 😉

  2. Amrit says:

    What a fun packed week! Sophia loved each activity especially the fizzy lifting drink. She now will measuring liquids at home.

  3. Amy Dennis says:

    Lots of interesting activities this week! We enjoyed learning more about Fairtrade with Theo

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