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Friday 22nd May

Thursday 21st May | No comments yet

Good morning everyone. Well done to all of you who made a box of chocolates this week. We have been so impressed with what you have produced- your finished products are definitely appealing!

This will be the final blog until Monday 1st June. Thank you all for your support and hard work this half term. We would like to wish you all a relaxing half term break.

Here are a few activities for today:


Lesson 5- 3 x tables and multiplication reasoning

You should have already completed the 4 White Rose Maths lessons for this week. Below are some further activities and questions to work through. Please check in your pack for any 3 x table activities.

Multiplication Reasoning: Think of a story and ask a question. Can you think of your own multiplication stories?

What do you know about times tables? Can you answer the following and similar questions?

Today we would like you to learn, practise and apply the 3 x table.

There are some activities in your pack to work through for the 3 x table. (See below)


Today we have received a letter from Mr Willy Wonka himself! Please read it….

Here is the recipe!!

Now it’s your turn to write the instructions for your own fizzy lifting drink!

Writing frame for extra support attached if needed:


Here is a funny story to read at home. Winnie and Wilbur are in lockdown too!

Photos from home

Photos from school

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